Smile Direct Club: Things you need to know before buying the Invisible Aligners

SmileDirectClub gives you the confidence by straightening and brightening your teeth gently within the period of 6 months. Book a 3D scan for a licensed orthodontist to guide you with a smile plan remotely and you are all good to have your home kit sent with clear aligners for 60% less price as compared to other options.

SmileDirectClub also offers you retainers to maintain your bright and contagious smile at an affordable cost. The at-home teeth straightening service saves you from the hassle of going to the orthodontist and paying for the much expensive treatments.

Things You Need to Know about SmileDirectClub

The CVS health store is looking forward to adding SmileDirectClub to hundreds of its stores for the convenience of customers to save their visits to the dentist although this has been criticized by orthodontists.

This may have had you stop from making any commitment as there are questions arising on the minds of customers. Here are some things you may want to know about SmileDirectClub.

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A Licensed Dentist is Assigned to Guide you with a Plan

A team of 225 dentists and orthodontists are working with SmileDirectClub to guide the customers. They will oversee how your smile works remotely. Also, the customers can reach out for their dentist online or by phone.

The Invisible Aligners are Best for Correcting Mild to Moderate Teeth

SmileDirectClub aligners are meant to correct only mild to moderate gaps between teeth or rotation to some level. An online assessment can help you decide whether you are a suitable candidate or not.

Furthermore, you may have a 3D scan at your nearest store or even purchase the impression kit from home to send back your teeth impression to the company. They will guide you further if their product is good for you otherwise a refund will be made.

You are Required to Wear the Aligners all Day except when Eating or Drinking

The aligners have to be worn everywhere and all the time except when eating or drinking anything but water. Eating while you have your aligners on will strain them or you may even have worse cavities.

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The Lisp will Disappear in a Few Days

A new pair of aligners might feel uncomfortable for the first few days of wearing them but that is normal. Your mouth will take some time before the lisp eventually disappears.

A New Set of Aligners Might Feel Weird

Your smile will be taking a new shape over some time after you wear aligners. As long as your teeth do not hurt, it is normal to have some weird feeling with the changing shape.

Wash your Aligners as Often as you Want with Warm Water Only

It is advised to rinse your aligners with warm water before you wear them each time. However, brushing or using toothpaste is not recommended as it may damage your aligners.

The Smile Direct Club Customer Care Team is Always Available for your Help

The 24/7 customer support is available for the customers to have their queries answered on time. You may call, chat, or even email the dental team if you need any help.

Final Verdict

SmileDirectClub’s braces are proving to become an effective teeth straightening method at affordable costs. The CVS stores are extending their services to reach out for communities not having any access to orthodontic care.

This nationwide boom has brought a big change in the world of orthodontic care as it has proven to become a cheaper way for straightening teeth at home.

Visit the official website of Smile Direct Club here



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