Vaginal Tear Treatment – How to Reduce Pain with Home Remedies


A wound in the vaginal tissues is known as a vaginal tear. The damage can be caused if insertion is made into the vagina or the tissues get thin or even due to stradle injury.

Types of Vaginal Tear

Vaginal tear treatment depends on the degree of vaginal tear being shallow or deep.

A shallow tear might not require much treatment as it will only cause mild bleeding and little pain. Deep tears require more treatment or a surgery most often because of heavy bleeding caused.

Common Kinds of Vaginal Tear After Childbirth

A vaginal birth is known to stretch your vagina for the baby to come out. Most women having given birth vaginally will have some degree of perineal tear or vaginal tear as the baby’s head pushes through the passage.

Vaginal tears resulting after childbirth can be first degree or second degree tears. The first degree tear is in which only the skin gets torn whereas the in second degree tear, skin along with the vaginal muscles get torn.

Recovery Time for Perineal Tears

The recovery time for a perineal tear depends on the degree and condition of the tear. The time may increase for a second degree tear. Although the wound may heal around 7 to 10 days, it may still hurt until several weeks.

How to Reduce Vaginal Tear Pain?

The stitches made to close the vaginal tear after childbirth usually absorb after some time but it is still necessary to have a follow up visit to the doctor as instructed. This will allow the skin to heal and prevent infection as the doctor may check for the symptoms.

  • Perineal hygiene is important to speed up the healing process. Follow the steps to alleviate pain and heal the wound sooner.
  • Clean the area with warm water to prevent bacteria from entering in. Pat dry the area and do not rub as your stitches may still need time to heal.
  • Use fresh pads and change after at least 4 hours. Do not touch the stitches to check whether they are healing or not as it may only increase the time.
  • Try to have regular bowel movements as they will not affect your stitches.

Home Care Treatment for Vaginal Tear

  • There are over the counter medicines available for relieving pain. Stronger pain relief medicines may be prescribed if pain persists for longer.
  • You may also soak in warm water daily for a few minutes to have relief from pain.
  • Bleeding may cause weakness for which you should have plenty of rest.
  • Let your tear heal properly and avoid touching the area. It is not recommended fo douche in such case.
  • Also, it is better to avoid having sex or using tampons until the tear heals completely.

Having a vaginal tear accidentally can be prevented in future by taking steps guided by the provider. Ask for guidance to have way out particularly if the tear was caused during sex, try using a lubricant.

When to See a Doctor?

Medical advice is essential if the bleeding continues or pain gets worse over time. Also, a foul smelling discharge is an alarm.

Having a fever should not be taken lightly as you may feel even more dizzy and weak. All these signs mean you should go and see a doctor to have proper treatment.

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