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How to Lose Face Fat Naturally through Diet and Facial Exercise Hacks?


Overall body weight gain can account for the jowls and double chins resulting from facial fat deposits. The packing of pounds on the rest of your body will certainly have an effect on face. Let us first discover the causes behind a puffier and fuller face followed up by ways to reduce face fat.

What Causes Puffier and Full Blown Moon Face?

Ever wondered what may have caused the moon face you posses? Facial fat can make you look chubbier and this may challenge you to find the right side to pose for a photo. Tackling face weight can be tricky and will require you to have better weight loss goals.

Only occasionally can face fat result as a side effect of steroids or Cushing’s syndrome which should be treated with medication, surgery, or even radiation.

Diet Hacks to Lose Face Fat

So, how to lose fact fat through dietary changes? Your diet has a significant impact on your health although face fat may still give you a tough time. Most of the weight problems can be solved if you follow a healthy diet.

Same is the case for your face fat but you will need patience to see how it work. Limiting your eating habits to low calorie intake and healthy nutrients will show up in your face and body.

Cut Down on Sugar and Salt

Weight gain occurs when you take excessive calories in your diet or have more sugar intake. There are more chances of gaining face fat if your gain weight all over.

Therefore, it is important to cut down sugar from all sources including syrups and artificial sweeteners. Learn more about the artificial sweeteners and their effects on your health.

Also, excessive salt intake is not good for your body as the body retains water as a result. It is better to avoid all foods rich in salt content including Processed foods and Junk foods.

Increase your Fluid Intake

There is no fluid better than water. Water can make most of your health problems vanish. Drinking enough water can boost your overall metabolic rate to burn more calories.

Also, staying hydrated does not allow your body to retain water in your cheek area. Increasing your water intake can stabilize the circulation of fluids in the body.

Opt for a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet contains all healthy nutrients to manage overall healthy weight. A healthy diet consists of good fats, protein, and good carbs. Learn more about the Good and Bad Carbs to know what foods lie in each category.

It should be noted that starving is never the solution to weight loss as your body needs all essential nutrients to function well. Try to maintain healthy proportions of all nutrients and see the difference yourself.

Have Dairy Foods in your Diet

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients required for healthy bones. It also plays a role in weight loss by regulating fat metabolism. Opting for low fat dairy products is the best way to include calcium in your regular diet.

Check for Food Intolerance

Being allergic to some foods can make you look chubbier. People having bowel syndrome and hormonal disorders often complain of having a fuller face. See a doctor to rule out the cause for your chubbiness.

Have Sufficient Sleep

An adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep to stay active and healthy. Having sufficient sleep can regulate all your body functions and also contribute to weight loss. Overall, sleeping well is also another way of losing face fat.

Easy Facial Exercises to Lose Face Fat

Learning different exercises to lose face fat will make you benefit greatly.

Lose face fat

Lips Pull Yoga Pose

This is a yoga pose which works well for reducing fat from face. You have younger looking cheeks as an advantage of this exercise. Lift your lower lip to stretch your cheeks and push out the lower jaw. Stay like this till 10 seconds and repeat the same at least ten times.

The X – O Exercise

This exercise makes your jaw stronger as you pronounce x and o repeatedly one after another. You may try this exercise everywhere and repeat number of times to reduce face fat.

Fish Face Exercise

This one is what you may have heard of before. The fish face exercise helps in toning the muscles of cheeks. Also known as the smiling fish face, this exercise will make you achieve the toned cheeks you have always craved for.

Make the fish face posture by sucking in your lips and cheeks. Hold on for a few seconds and then repeat the same. You can do this a number of times as you like.

Baby Bird

This is a simple yoga pose done by turning your head towards left, center, or right side. Tilt your chin up and keep your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth. Smile and then swallow. This was one set for one direction to start with. Repeat for the other two directions.

Pucker Your Lips

This is an interesting pose as you pucker your lips with your mouth closed. First suck one cheek in to the innermost point and then let go. Repeat for the other cheek as well.

Face Stretch

This one is good for face toning as the muscles stretch. The way of doing this exercise is to lower your chin until it touches your chest. Pull your cheek muscles while making the sound of Ah. Use your both hands and make the skin move below the cheek bones. Hold this posture for a few seconds before you repeat.

Blow a Balloon

This is an effective exercise yet very natural for reducing face fat. This will reduce your chubbiness as the muscles of your neck and face get to work and tone your face naturally.

It is simple to try as who does not know to blow air into a balloon. Let go the air and repeat blowing air to exercise your facial muscles.

Chew Gum

Chewing a gum may be your favourite thing to try. You may try this exercise with whatever flavor of gum you like. The facial movement while chewing gums works out the muscles of your whole face. Do it as you usually chew a gum and see the difference yourself.

Chin Lift

This is to reduce fat from under the chin area. Look up and pout as if you want to kiss. Hold on to this pose with tightened lips. You will feel your jaw muscles as well as facial muscles stretch. Repeat this at least 10 times holding each set for 10 seconds.

Smile More Often

Yes. Even smiling can make your facial muscles work. Smiling is the best workout to tone your cheeks. What even better? You get to cheer up yourself and everyone around with every single smile.

Put Warm Towels on Face

A warm towel placed over the face will help reduce some cheek fat through steam. Your sweaty face will have fat loss and toxins will also be removed.

More Tips on How to Lose Face Fat for Women

Men and women can benefit from the same dietary and exercise hacks whereas women may also try some makeup tips for a self created temporary look. Women often use makeup to create illusion.

Different makeup techniques can work to make your face look slimmer. For example, a bronzer can be used to contour your cheeks and nose. Even a blush can be used in a similar way. A highlighting powder can also illuminate your face in contrast with the bronzer.

Another way is to emphasize your eyes and make the rest of your face look slimmer. Choose a hairstyle according to the shape of your face. You can completely change your outlook in these ways without having to work on your facial muscles.

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