Alcohol for People Over the Age of 50 – Is it Less Harmful?

Alcohol can have varying effects on people of different age groups according to research. It is intoxicating and addictive in nature. People use alcohol as a recreational drug for celebrations and socializing.

What are the Health Consequences of Excessive Alcohol Consumption?

Alcohol can affect your health adversely if the intake is excessive. Cancer, liver disease, heart disease, and brain damage can occur as a result of heavy drinking.

Alcohol has been in misuse by people of all age groups which is causing more damage. However, it was concluded after numerous studies that alcohol can have protective effects on health if taken in moderation.

Moreover, the digestive system has to work harder to process alcohol which overloads other organs as well.

Short Term Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream from where it reaches the brain to affect you. The effects of alcohol depend on the amount consumed, BMI os an individual, and gender.

Other factors are whether you drank alcohol after eating something and how quickly did you consume your drink. These factors decide whether alcohol will be absorbed rapidly or slowly.

What are the Symptoms of being Intoxicated?

There are signs your body shows if you are intoxicated by alcohol such as drowsiness, vomiting, slurred speech, headache, clumsiness, unconsciousness, memory lapse, and distorted senses.

Although the rate of absorption is quick, it takes time to take alcohol out of the system. The liver can process only one drink at a time which is why the body reacts so much after drinking heavily.

Long Term Effects Of Alcohol

Alcohol affects every part of your body and can have several long lasting effects.
The long term effects of alcohol can be extremely damaging for your health.

Alcohol can make you suffer from cancer, addiction, liver cirrhosis, stomach ulcers, caediovascular problems, osteoporosis, brain damage, vitamin deficiencies, deression, accidents, injuries, burns, and even falls.

How is Alcohol Use Disorder Treated?

The effects of alcohol can be treated with medical treatment along with support from family and friends. Counselling strategies can also be of great help.

Moreover, medications such as disulfiram, naltrexone and acamprosate are available if medical intervention is required.

Can Alcohol be Beneficial for Health?

Moderate consumption of alcohol can be beneficial for health which is just one drink in a day. Alcohol can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart stroke only when taken in moderation although it is still not completely risk free.

It is not recommended that you start drinking for these potential health benefits if you do not already. This is just for those who are used to drinking and are healthy otherwise may continue.

How Does Age Difference Impact Alcohol Risk?

A study concluded that alcohol risk depends on the age of an individual. 35.8% people of ages 20-49 died because of alcohol whereas 4.5% deaths could be prevented.

Another group pf people aged 65 and above were reported to have almost similar ratio of 35% deaths but nearly 80% deaths were prevented for this age group.

Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol is the most common recreational drug known to be misused by younger people. Adolescents are badly affected by alcohol as the developing brain cannot function well.

Also, pregnant women should strictly avoid alcohol use as no amount can be considered safe for the growing fetus. Alcohol can also interact with other medicines and have deadly effects on health.


The study concluded that all people are prone to death if they drink alcohol heavily whereas moderate drinking can be beneficial for people aged over 65.

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