Interesting Myths and Facts About PCOS


The hormonal condition affecting women around the world is under diagnosed as most women do not realize they are having symptoms because of this underlying cause.

There are many myths associated with PCOS which regulate and are thought to be true more than anything.

It is important to realize that the facts should be dominant upon the myths about PCOS which are relied by people more than what is true.

There is no known cause particularly for PCOS as women can suffer regardless of the genes and weight factor.

So what are the actual myths about PCOS which need to be addressed?

Myth- PCOS means Ovaries have Cysts

Polycystic ovaries are mostly thought of having cysts which cause problems for overall health. Although this may be the case for many women, it is not necessary that there will be cysts on the ovaries if someone has PCOS condition.

Cysts are fluid filled sacs in the ovaries which inhibit regular ovulation and cause fertility problems.

PCOS can be related to other problems even if there are no cysts on the ovaries as there will be other symptoms indicating that a woman has this condition.

Myth- PCOS means Excess Hair Growth

PCOS happen mainly because of the hormonal imbalance as male hormones take over the female ones abd cause problems.

However, this may not be the case always. Not all women with PCOS have excess hair growth on their body which is why this is considered as a myth.

Hirsutism is the term for the hair growth resulting from excess androgens in the body although a woman may also suffer from polycystic ovaries if there is no unwanted growth of hair elsewhere on the body.

Myth- You Cannot Get Pregnant with PCOS

Polycystic ovaries are often diagnosed as a result of regnancy issues. A woman not being able to get pregnant will be tested through several blood tests and physical examination to see if there is an underlying cause of infertility.

PCOS is the most common reason evaluated as the culprit behind failure to achieve pregnancy. However, women with PCOS can conceive naturally and there is no doubtb about that.

Sometimes a woman without PCOS can face difficulties getting pregnant and sometimes a PCOS woman gets pregnant so easily.

So, it is all about your body and its ability to get pregnant along with your luck. PCOS cannot always be said to the culprit behind failure of conception or miscarriage.

Myth- Irregular Periods Means you Have PCOS

Women will go to a gynecologist if she is having period issues mostly. Irregularities in the period can always be assumed as PCOS but that is not the reason in many cases.

Women can have difficulty getting periods if there is another underlying cause such as stress, weight, or excessive physical activity.

The body needs balance of everything and in everything and it will not respond appropriately if the balance goes out. So, you may not always blame PCOS for irregular periods.

Myth- PCOS Does not Need Treatment If Pregnancy is not the Target

It is often perceived that PCOS need to be treated only if a woman wants to get pregnant. However, PCOS needs to be treated regardless of the fact that pregnancy is the target or not.

Polycystic ovaries can cause many other problems such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and heart problems. It is therefore important to address the issue as soon as a woman is diagnosed with it.

Myth- Every Woman with PCOS is Obese

PCOS will also not make you gain weight always. Women having PCOS are not always overweight or obese which is why there is no absolute reason to relate PCOS and obesity.

Although PCOS women struggle for losing weight, it is not necessary that the weight gain is jist because of polycystic ovaries.

Myth- Only Ultrasound can Diagnose PCOS

Polycystic ovaries have various symptoms and having only a couple of those can be diagnosed as PCOS. An ultrasound is not always compulsory to look for cysts on the ovaries as your overall condition can give hints that you are the victim of PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome is an overall condition which cannot only be restricted to having cysts as other factors affect your overall health and are an indicator that you are having the syndrome.

Myth- Losing Weight with PCOS is Similar to Others doing so

As discussed above, this myth is also all over the world that it is easy to lose weight with PCOS just like someone else without PCOS.

It should be known that women having PCOS have a hard time struggling with weight loss as their metabolism does not respond like that of others.

Weight loss is a journey for PCOS women for which they also struggle with depression as targets are not achieved as wanted.

Myth- Insulin Resistance is the Cause for Weight Gain

Polycystic ovaries causes malfunctioning of the overall system including pancreas. The insulin usage in the body is not normal with PCOS because of which the blood sugar levels are often raised.

This causes insulin resistance in the body but it cannot be assured whether weight gain is caused because of it.

Myth- Women Having PCOS are Assured about their Condition

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex disorder which can occur anytime in life. It is independent of various factors and still dependent on many others.

Women having PCOS may not even know that they have it until they are evaluated. PCOS may not always show symptoms and cause trouble and still exist.

Myth- Birth Control Pill is the Only Solution for PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome patients are often given the first line treatment of birth control pills as it overcomes the imbalance of hormones.

The male hormones are suppresses by the female ones and cycles are regulated this way. However, birth control pills are not always the solution for PCOS.

Eating healthy and balanced meals along with regular exercise can always treat and maintain your condition and there may be no need of having birth control pills.

Birth control pill is only a temporary solution for attaining hormonal balance which can then go out again if you stop taking them. Relying on these pills is not a good option as they will create havoc in the system with prolonged use.

Myth- You Cannot Help Feeling Bad with PCOS

PCOS patients need constant support from family and friends to deal with the physical and mental effects. Polycystic ovary syndrome does not only make fertility problems worse but also make you suffer from depression.

Women are prone to having mood swings as the hormones fluctuate more often and it is beyond their control to remain unaffected with it.

But, emotional support can always help such women and bring them hope to deal with their condition. PCOS can be dealt with determination and mental strength as this condition is all about having a positive approach towards life.

Final Word

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a very common condition women struggle with but it is not impossible to deal with it.

There are several ways to deal with the emotional and physical symptoms only if the myths about PCOS are not believed to be true because that will make you lose hope.

Staying strong and determined can always get you through the journey in a good way.

Khadija Ahmad

An author at Ask Health News, Khadija has good experience in Health And Physical Education and delivers her research work to entertain readers. Her words reflect creativity and intellect as she succeeds in shaping them into interesting articles for readers. Email: khadija@askhealthnews.com

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