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What Causes Sharp Pain During Late Pregnancy

Your growing body adapts to several changes as there is a new miracle of life growing inside you. Women go through different phases of pain and discomfort throughout their pregnancy which can be stressful.

The first time moms need to take special care of what us normal and what is not normal in pregnancy. Sharp shooting pains can be alarming and can indicate complications too which should be checked by you doctor.

Pains can occur either in the early stage of pregnancy or late stage. Both types of pain should not be taken lightly as they indicate different problems.

Is it Normal to Have Sharp Pains During Pregnancy?

Sometimes, the pain caused is because of normal changes taking place. Sharp pains can occur particularly in the uterus, abdomen, and groin area.

The normal reasons for cramping are not alarming as the process takes place causing you some discomfort.


The uterus expands to a much bigger size during pregnancy. It weights almost double in the third trimester. The cramping is often the result of this expansion as the ligaments stretch to make space within your growing body.


Constipation is a very common reason to experience pain in pregnancy. Most women feel constipated at different stages while being pregnant which is very normal.

Gas and Bloating

Gas and bloating may also cause discomfort as a result of foods and pressure on the stomach.

Round Ligament Pain

Thia pain is caused in the abdominal area starting from the second trimester when the body needs to expand uterus and provide room for the growing baby.

Warning Symptoms for Sharp Pain during Pregnancy

A normal pregnancy does not have the symptoms of sharp pain on one side. However, sharp pain can be an indicative of ectopic pregnancy which is a serious condition and threatens your health.

Also, having sharp pains at any stage during pregnancy can be a sign of pending miscarriage. This worries expecting mothers if it is a sign of expanding uterus or miscarriage. Make sure you learn more about pregnancy week by week in this guide.

The due date for delivery is calculated according to 40 weeks of gestation from the last menstruation. However, 37 weeks marks a milestone for being at term. Reaching 38 weeks is even more ideal for delivering a healthy baby and 39 weeks matures lungs to make it an ideal time.

Whereas being 38 weeks pregnant sharp pains in left side could mean labour is near and you should deifinitely hurry to a hospital. This is the time when you may expect delivery any time.

How to Cope with Sharp Pains during Pregnancy?

There are some warning signs that should not be ignored. Such pains can occur any time during pregnancy even in the third trimester.

Being 38 weeks pregnant sharp pain in left side can also mean that you are nearing labour. You should still consult the doctor or midwife as soon as you notice any signs to make sure if everything is okay.

Having sharp pains with vomiting, chills, fever, bleeding, or vaginal discharge is a sign why you should have yourself checked.

Also, if you continuously experience pain even after having rest is an alarm. Knowing the right solutions in case of an emergency can help you just in time.

  • Pregnancy Stretches
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Choosing the Right Sleeping Position
  • Walking

You should consult your doctor as soon as possible if the pain is so intense that you are not able to indulge in your daily activities. A doctor can advise you with more methods foe managing pain effectively.

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