Impact of Social Stress on Life and How to Cope With it?

What is Social Stress?

Social stress can be a result of several situations causing you mental health problems. It can trigger an emotional response to situations where you are being judged or evaluated critically. This makes your self esteem low as you feel rejected.

What Causes Stress?

Psychological stressors can be classifies into two main types. Those are actually situations that prompt the brain to release certain stress hormones.

Failure is one of two main causes of social stress which makes you lose your self esteem. Self esteem is what defines us and makes us identified in the society. Our brain does not respond well when the stressor has a deep impact on your well being.

The second main stressor is uncontrollability. This happens when the situation gets beyond your control and your brain creates the atmosphere of resulting failure in future. You are unable to take control and do what it takes to be successful. This releases stress hormones abs makes you stressful.

Both the factors behind social stress result in loss of self esteem which has a deep impact in your brain. It gets really hard to cope up with it.

What are the Effects of Social Stress?

Social stress can have detrimental effects on your health. The brain release certain chemicals in response to social stressors to cope up with the anxiety. The chemicals include dopamine, glutamine, and serotonin.

Although these chemicals are released to deal with stress, excessive amounts released over elongated periods can cause mental illness such as depression.

How is Social Stress Measured?

Social stress can be measured through questionnaires in which the mindset is evaluated. Such a questionnaires gives a detailed picture of one self and how he feels about relationship. They are designed in different ways to assess how a person has been affected negatively by marriage, job, or family.

How to Cope up with Social Stress?

Social life is necessary for all of us as we crave companionship as humans. However, people have started indulging more in social media relationships nowadays which may also become an addiction.

It is better to switch off those social media sites and plan a face to face get together with your friends. This will have a positive impact on your mental health and relieve stress.

Start your day with something that will have a positive effect on your mind. It can be anything you find relaxing that builds up self esteem and hope in yourself.

Although social stress cannot be eliminated from your life completely, it can still be reduced.

Listen to Some Motivational Speech

Motivational talks are the best way to direct your mind in the positive direction. Speeches delivered for motivational purposes leave a deep impact on our brains as we begin to analyze sutiations in that perspective. We learn from the experiences shared and realize it is not impossible to stand up after falling down.

Talk it Out

The best remedy to give you relief from stress is to talk about it with those closest to you. Emotional support counts a lot in overcoming stress.

You may improve a relationship by simply discussing or communicating about what is causing trouble. You may be able to fix most problems this way.

Get rid of Toxic Relationships

Another way is to walk out of your relationship that is becoming toxic for you. This is the solution when there is no other way out or you have tried all possible solutions.

It is better to prevent your mental health from deteriorating unnecessarily. Save yourself from the hassle and leave the toxicity behind.

Learn to Balance

You just have to learn how to balance everything in life. This will save you ultimately from the hassle of getting into mental trouble. Simply get away from anything that is causing you stress and sort it out. Give yourself some time. This will save your mental and physical health from damage.

All we have to realize is that what happens is a part of life. It only teaches us to learn from the past experience and rise from situations that previously let you down. Get the balance and time right and you are all good to live your life happily.


This may sound as another stressor for the people who run away from physical activities. However, exercise has huge benefits for an overall healthy mind and body.

So, if you are thinking it can only be in form of regular exercise, don’t worry there are other options too. You may take a break by taking a walk, swim, or even a dance when you feel stressed.

Laugh more Often

Why does stress make your face show that too? It is because your brain is interconnected with the facial expressions. Why not use it vice versa to relieve tension and stress. Smile and laugh more often as it will divert your mind and signal that you are happy.


Meditation can make you focus and see situations from a different perspective. Your body releases emotions when you meditate. This can have a positive impact on your mind and thereby experience change in your overall wellbeing.

Find Distractions

People find it useful to find distractions when the situation is beyond their control. They learn to distract themselves with tasks and activities they find enjoyable.

It depends on an individual how he finds a way to tackle stress. Some people cannot really analyze a solution to find solutions to a problem. This is when a distraction becomes useful for them.

How Does Persistent Stress Affect Your Mental Health?

Research demonstrates how persistent social stress can be harmful for your mental health. Information was gathered for suicides, alcohol intoxication, and depression symptoms to see how people react to situations. It was concluded that people who had conflicts with coworkers were prone to having a psychiatric condition.

What Impact do Social Websites Have in Building Social Stress?

People have been observed to develop dependence on social networking for support. Such people look for ways online as they lack offline support from family or friends.

This is leading to pathological addiction as a vicious cycle generates from not having offline support to intensely engaging in Facebook and other social websites.

On the other hand, people who have become Facebook addicts are known to have increased stress levels. The cycle then goes in reverse when this addiction changes the way people interact and lose real relationships.

However, there are benefits and downsides of using social media for support, people do not often find the right balance.

Impact of Facebook on Social Life

Social websites such as Facebook can affect your sense of self and make you analyze yourself from the social network’s eyes. This is damaging for your mental health and can create obsession to finding ways to have a better image online.

Facebook has had a very powerful impact on the world as it can change perceptions and spread it globally. Many a times, the things are not right and people believe in them just because it is circulating and it looks real.

The only way to not let such websites affect your mental health is to limit the usage and detach yourself whenever you feel the downsides are taking over.

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