Reasons Why You Should Never Stifle Your Sneeze


You should never try to stifle your sneeze as it could cause harm. Have you ever wondered how a sneeze can save you from various infections and diseases? This may be the reason why trying to stop a sneeze actually made a man suffer from temporarily ruptured throat.

Why do we Sneeze?

Sneeze is the result of a tickling sensation which signals your brain to get rid of irritants from the nose lining. Sneezing is healthy as it keeps your body safe. It protects your body from bacteria and virus to keep the immune function optimal.

What Can Happen if you Stop a Sneeze?

A case was reported where a man came in emergency with swollen neck. He told this had happened to him after he stopped a forceful sneeze by pinching his nose and clamping mouth. The doctor then examined this condition and found bubbles in his neck and a hole in this throat.

The man had difficulty speaking for days and could not even swallow as the back of his throat was damaged.

The patient told that he had not eaten anything that could have caused this problem. This assures that it had happened most probably because of stopping the sneeze. He was put on feeding tube for a week in which he was given an antibiotic treatment. Later the swollen had subsided and he was allowed to eat soft foods.

Warning for People Trying to Stifle their Sneeze

Although such cases are rare, people are warned against stopping their sneeze. It is harmful for their health and could complicate health issues. Halting a sneeze can endanger your health as the swelling and trapped tubes can be more serious than you ever thought.

The blood vessels may get blocked and you may also suffer from nose bleeds by suppressing a sneeze.

Health Benefits of Sneezing

While there is no reason you should stop a sneeze, people still do it. The harms should be known so as to prevent any serious injury and health issue.

Sneezing can be a life saver as it protects your nasal passage and lungs by expelling irritating substances. While sneezing may save you, it may harm people nearby by the inhaling the contaminated air.

Interesting Facts About Sneezing

Ancient people used to sneeze deliberately as they knew the benefits. This was done by irritating the lining of nose with feathers and grass.

Sneezing makes you feel good by releaseing the endorphin hormone which stimulates the brain to get pleasure. Sneezing is a reflex which cannot be stopped and should not even be tried to stopped. It will lighten your mind and comfort you.

Sneezing releases hundreds of thousands of bacteria in a single go.

Sneezing causes your eyes to close shut which is natural. This prevents blood contamintaing the capillaries and tear ducts.

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