Health Benefits of Brown Rice – Why is it Better than White Rice?

You must have heard that rice should be restricted in diet if you want to mantain healthy weight. While this is true, you must also know about the incredible health benefits of rice. Rice is one of the oldest grain cereals and staple food feeding the world’s population for 5000 years.

The different types of rice have different properties. White rice is consumed mostly by people around the world whereas brown rice is known more for its health benefits. People make rice in a variety of ways according to their taste.

Brown Rice

Brown rice are known for their health benefits because of the fiber content. Fiber is relatively low in white rice which makes it not so preferable for a healthy diet.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown and white rice contains resistant starch which stimulates the growth of bacteria in gut. This results in improved colon health.

Brown rice is rich in vitamins and minerals including manganese, selenium, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, and copper. Other plant compounds contain lignans, phytic acid, and ferulic acid.

Although rice is a poor source of vitamins and minerals, brown rice still contains considerable amounts. Moreover, the antioxidants found in brown rice are good for the body.

Good for Heart

Whole grain foods have been linked to improved heart health. Whole grain cereals decrease the risk of stroke and death because of heart disease.

Healthy Weight Management

Brown rice is a whole grain which also proves to be beneficial for managing healthy weight. It keeps the metabolism healthy and burns fats to avoid weight gain.

Good for Diabetics

Brown rice is beneficial for diabetics because of its low glycemic value. It does not allow blood sugar spikes mainly because of the fiber content.

Why are Brown Rice Better than White Rice?

Brown rice is in the form of whole grain with the bran and germ intact. White rice is in refined form with no seed coat. White rice goes through the refining process to make it tastier although its nutritional value drops drastically.

Brown rice retains its nutritional value as it remains in its whole grain form. Brown rice is also ranked as low glycemic index food which is good for diabetics.

The health benefits of brown rice are mainly because of the whole grain whereas white rice may have adverse effects on health.

Nutritional Value of Rice

The nutritional value depends on the way rice has been cooked. Most part of the rice nutrition comes from carbs while some portion of it gives protein. The dry weight is mostly carbs in form of starch. There is negligible fat content in rice. Also, rich is rich in water content making 69% of the total wet weight.

The quality of rice depends on the type of glucose it contains. Amylose and amylopectin are the two main types of glucose chains. Rice containing amylose does not stick together and is considered good for cooking such as basmati rice. It also slows down the process of digestion.

Amylopectin, on the other hand makes rice sticky. Rice with higher levels of amylopectin are prefect for risottos and rice puddings. This type of rice is preferred eating with chopsticks in the Asian cuisine.

However, sticky rice have higher digestibility which may cause random spikes in blood sugar levels. This is the reason why some rice are restricted for diabetics. Also, diet plans have limited portions of rice to keep the metabolism healthy.

How Often Can you Eat Rice?

Rice can be taken in the everyday diet if your weight is healthy. However, you should only take rice twice a week if you want to lose weight. Try to opt for brown rice to have all its health benefits. Otherwise the lack of fiber in white rice only adds up starch to your body.

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