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Useful Tips to Cope with Insomnia During Pregnancy

Poor sleep is common in later stages of pregnancy as your bump grows. The quality of sleep is affected because of various reasons. You may become restless at nights and experience the symptoms of pregnancy in different stages.

Leg cramps, difficult getting a comfortable position in bed, frequent need to pee, snoring, and anxiety can all have an strong impact on your daily sleep routine.

Although all these symptoms are common, they may still be causing you discomfort as time seems to be passing by slow. The anxiety and worries about becoming a mother soon can also affect you sleep pattern. You should tackle your fears well before your baby’s arrival to enjoy your time with the new arrival.

How to Tackle Insomina?

It is important to look after yourself during pregnancy as your body is working hard to provide for the little one. Although tiredness is not known to affect your baby, you may suffer with the discomfort caused. Try and follow healthy practices that will allow you to sleep better.

Nighty Ritual

Fix time for your sleep as the body works like a clock. Also, drinking warm milky drinks can help make you drowsy. Bedtime rituals help make your brain set a routine. Study suggests that it is important for you to wake up same time everyday. This brings the body in regular routine and winds at the same time each night.

Take Care of your Diet

Caffeineated drinks can make it harder to sleep particularly in the afternoon and at night. Tea, cold drink, green tea, coffee, chocolate, and flu remedies are all examples of caffeine.

Such foods and drinks will stimulate your brain nerves to suppress the sleep wake cycle. Also, spicy foods will cause heartburn if taken near to bed time. Staying hydrated is vital for your health as it keeps all functions in place.

Wind Down at the End of your Day

Let go off the worries from your mind at night. You can do this gradually by relaxing in a bath and taking time for a massage or reading. Try various relaxation techniques which will help your body relax and sleep better.

Prepare your Bedroom for Sleep

Light tricks your mind to keep awake. So, it is better to avoid any activity involving electronic devices in the bedroom. Bedroom should be a place to relax and sleep. Some people prefer really dark bedrooms so they either put dark curtains or wear eye masks to avoid all light sources while sleeping.

Sleep on your Side

A comfortable position to sleep is all you need particularly during pregnancy. After all pregnancy is hard work for your body and it needs to rest properly after a log day. It is recommended to sleep on your side because it reduces the risk of still birth.

Slip in cushions under your belly and behind your back to get into a comfortable position. Try sleeping on whatever side you are comfortable with.

Is Depression Causing Insomnia?

Depression may be a reason why you are unable to sleep well. See your doctor to figure out if you have other symptoms of depression as well. Common symptoms include feeling sad, tired, losing appetite, self esteem, and confidence. Also, not getting proper sleep can make you feel depressed. So, it is better to make both ends balanced.

The sudden changes when you become a mother can be dealt with. You need to prepare your mind and body for the time to come. Having rest in the late third trimester prior to giving birth will help you cope up better afterwards.

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