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Tips to Ease and Speed up Early Labour Stage at Home

Why Staying Home is Better in Early Labor?

As far as your waters have not broken, it is fine to spend some more time at home while you are having pains. Early labor can be tricky at times and reassuring if all is well will not do any harm.

You may call the hospital or your midwife and ask about whatever concern you are having at the moment. There is no right time to call as you should keep safe by clearing all your queries as a first time mum.

When to Leave for Hospital

Although every pregnancy is different, second time mums generally have an idea about what to expect when labour starts. The first time mums may have false pains and reach the hospital earlier than needed. However, it is better to have yourself checked earlier than later if you are not sure about your condition.

What Does First Time Labour Feel Like?

First time labour progresses slowly in most cases. It may feel like sharp backache coming towards the front. This feeling is absolutely different and you will know this at your time.

Early labour will also make you have cramps in the lower tummy. These pains may be called as low intensity pains as long as they do not come at regular intervals closer apart.

Staying at home is way better than spending your time at the hospital after your doctor or midwife assures everything is okay. You may rest and have your time saving energy for the coming hard work you have to do.

Tips to Ease Your Early Labour Stage

The early labour phase can take hours and even days to reach the active second stage. During this period, there are a number of things you can do while staying at home so as to reduce some time. You will not have to have medical interventions to speed up labour that way.

Take Rest and Sleep

This is important as your body needs to save energy for the active labour. As early labour may take time, you should not panic and try to relax yourself through this phase. Try positions to ease your pain and make you comfortable.

Take a Shower

Showering can help you relax. Warm water can give you relief. Your partner may get the bath ready and cover you with a towel before pouring warm water over you.

Eat or Drink Something

Carbohydrate rich foods give instant energy. Foods such as pasta, bread, and potatoes are good options. Also, snacking can help you ease pain if you are not feeling hungry.

Distract Yourself

Try to engage yourself in something during early labour. Anything that can diver your mind off the tension and pain is good for you. Talking to kids, going for a walk, or watching a movie while sitting on a birth ball are activities you may try.

Warm your Tender Spots

This will help you as you advance labour stage. Place a hot water bottle on your lower tummy or back to give those areas as much relief from pain as possible.

Do whatever feels right for you. These things can help you speed up labour without any medical intervention. It is important that you listen to what your instinct says about your body. Try positions that comfort you the most. Let it be resting or moving around, do whatever you feel to do at the moment.

Keep in mind that your body needs calories and fluids to save your energy levels for labour. You need to prepare yourself early on for labour as your mind and body will need to set the pace. Also, some women find encouragement from a doula or friend helpful. See whatever works best for you.

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