Best Exercises for Your Major Body Parts and their Benefits

People have limited time for workout nowadays which usually puts off their regime to break. Exercises should target the major body parts in every workout so as to shape the whole body.

The body parts can put on fats depending on your lifestyle, diet, and genetics. Whatever part needs the most work should be emphasized through your workout but exercises should be planned in a flow to work every muscle of the body.

The Push Ups – Best Exercise for Chest

A push up is an exercise which involves every muscle of the body. However, you will work more on your chest muscles by improving core strength as well. P

push ups frequently can help you build strength and prevent back pain and shoulder pain.

A full push up makes you lift most of your body weight and this saves your body from injuries in future. Push ups can be intensified by lifting both your feet off the ground. You may even start with a single leg push up initially.

The Squats – Best Exercise for Glutes

Squats is ranked on top of all exercises for glutes. Completing squats and going deeper helps in utilizing more muscle fibers.

It is advised to start with low impact squats initially and then go further along with your comfort. Squats are also done by adding weights to intensify the workout and add strength to your muscles.

The Bicycle Manoeuvre – Best Exercise for Abs

The bicycle manoeuvre is the best exercise for improving abs. Initially, sit ups were considered useful for attaining the perfect abs which is now known as low impact exercises.

The bicycle manoeuvre is now considered better than sit ups as it strengthens core muscles internally as well as externally. You can easily do this exercise without requiring any equipment.

The Pull Up – Best Exercise for Your Back

You may start doing pull ups if you are struggling with back pain. Starting slowly will make you add strength to the back muscles.

Tricep Dips – Best Exercise for Upper Arms

Upper arms can have fat that can be stubborn to lose. Biceps is more commonly known responsible for the upper arm fat although triceps is more important. This is a big muscle which makes your arm’s appearance more firm. It uses your arm strength to lift your body weight with the aid of a chair.

The Lunge – Best Exercise for Thighs

Lunges are best for your thighs. This form of exercise works on improving flexibility and muscle strength. You should follow the right technique in order to achieve results and avoid injuries. The exercise can be modified by adding weights once you get into practice.

The Side Bridge – Best for Your Waistline

The side bridge suits best if you want to work on your waistline. Waist is often the problematic area for people as stubborn abdominal fat stores are deposited there.

This exercise is done while lying on your side in a diagobal line. You lift yourself on your forearm to straighten up while placing both legs together one on the other. It is good for improving your back muscles.

The Single Leg Squat – Best for Hips

Hips can be a problem area for people. The single leg squat is best for those who want to work on their hip muscles and tone them.

Stand with one leg placed slightly forward up in the air while balancing yourself on the other leg. Squat on the leg placed on the ground and go as low as you can. Balance yourself by placing your arms in front of you. You will be able to coordinate better with practice and improve flexibility.

The Lateral Shoulder Raise – Best for Shoulders

The shoulder muscles need workout as well as they are constantly in work tbroughout the day. Working on them will strengthen the muscles. The lateral shoulder raise is done with the help of dumbbells.

Choose What’s Best for your Body

A workout should focus on all major parts of the body. Combining the best exercises you enjoy doing and finding useful ones for your targets set can make you achieve better results sooner.

Khadija Ahmad

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