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Pregnancy Sex – Is It Safe or Not?

A normal pregnancy with no complications can be spiced up with regular sex. An active sex life can actually be good throughout pregnancy and as you reach your due date for cervix dilation.

The growing baby in the uterus is cushioned well by the amniotic fluid and is safe from any harm when you are having sex.

However, sex can be restricted in a pregnancy with complications. The midwife or gynecologist can guide you better about your condition and what to avoid.

What Health Problems Restrict Sex During Pregnancy?

Women having certain complications in the previous pregnancies or current one should avoid sex if told by their doctor. The common conditions for avoiding sex are known to cause threats to the baby and mother which may worsen further if you continue having sex.

Vaginal infection – An infection should first be treated as your doctor advises to save the baby’s and mother’s health. Vaginal infection is never recommended to be left untreated.

Vaginal Bleeding – Bleeding at any stage of pregnancy is a cause of concern and should be evaluated for the possible causes. The doctor will recommend an ultrasound or examine physically to see for factors causing bleeding.

A threatened miscarriage should not be taken easy as it can cause further complications.

Cervical Weakness – Cervical weakness is a reason why you may be advised to restrict sex. The cervix is not strong enough to hold the pregnancy in some cases for which it is better to avoid sex.

Stomach Cramps – Cramps can cause tension in the abdomen creating discomfort. It can threaten a miscarriage or cause early contractions of the uterus causing problems.

Placenta Previa – This is a condition in which the placenta lies low in the uterus and may be accompanied by bleeding. In this case, the cervix may be covered partially or completely and vaginal delivery may be impossible.

Genital Herpes – Sex should be avoided if your partner has herpes as it can be transmitted to you and can cause harm to your baby.

What Triggers Contractions In Pregnancy?

Orgasm – A woman’s uterus contracts during orgasm. These contractions are often mild and will not bring on early labour if the body is still not ready.

However, sex and orgasm is recommended in later pregnancy as the due date approaches as contractions can smoothen the onset of labour if you are all set to go for it.

Nipple Stimulation – Nipples can be stimulated by rubbing to trigger contractions. This method is not often recommended as it can cause early labour.

Other Ways to Enjoy Sex

Even if you are restricted to have sex during pregnancy because of any reason, it is still possible to enjoy foreplay. Exploring ways to enjoy your time with your partner can help you both bond better together. Pregnancy is to be cherished and so is the time before your newborn’s arrival.

Your life is going to change completely after you have a new little addition in your family. It is therefore important to make most of this time and get ready for the change mentally and physically.

When to See Your Doctor?

Any unusual symptoms should be reported to your doctor or midwife as soon as possible to avoid complications. It is good to take a break from sex even if you are having a normal pregnancy free from complications or if you notice symptoms that are bothering you.

Also, let your doctor know about your concerns and why they are bothering you so as to rule out any cause for concerns.

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