Acupressure Pressure Points – Are they Effective for Sinus Congestion?

What are Acupressure Pressure Points?

Acupressure pressure points have their significance for giving relief from pain and several health problems. They work faster than medicines and medical intervention. Sinus congestion can be critical which starts from nasal congestion. The factors resulting in congestion are dust, allergies, and cold weather.

Symptoms of Sinus Problem

Sinus problem can be indicated by various symptoms such as blocking of ears, choked nose, painful cheek bones, ans stifling head. The symptoms cause discomfort and pain which can be treated through acupressure points. These pressure points have no side effects and healing is quick.

What Causes Sinus Congestion and Nasal Problems?

There may be many causes of sinus congestion and nasal problems such as allergies, hay fever, chemical exposure, environmental irritants, respiratory tract infections, and deviated septum. Moreover, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can also cause nasal congestion.

Acupressure Points for Sinus Congestion and Nasal Problems

There are 4 acupressure pressure points for sinus congestion which have significant importance for providing relief from sinus pain.

Sinus Points on Face

The pressure points on face include bridge of the nose, sides of nostrils, and under the cheeks. Pressure is applied on the bridge of the nose for around 4 minutes to relieve pain. This point usnalso known as the third eye.

Another point is on the sides of nostrils which can be pressed gently. Also, there is a pressure point under your cheek which is tender. Find that point and push upwards with your fingers.

Points on Neck and Head

On the top of back side of the neck, there is a pressure point for sinus congestion. Applying pressure with your thumb on the point while placing hands on the head. Press with both the thumbs for 5 minutes. This will help you relieve tension, regulate breathing, and improve mental clarity.

Points on Hands and Arms

The point is in between the two tendens on backside of wrist. This point is active and you may apply pressure with your thumb it as you find it. Other point is in between the thumb and index finger. This is a gentle point which is also active. The fingertips behind the nails and on the nails itself are also points for acupressure points.

These points will increase circulation to reduce sinus congestion and improve breathing system.

Points on Legs and Feet

The legs and feet also have pressure points for sinus relief. Toes, toenails, and the upper part of the shin are all points where pressure can be applied. Find the toe points and press on the tips. This will heal sinus and prevent sinus problems in future as well.

The shin pressure point is on the knee cap. The shin point improves blood circulation in sinuses and ears. The left side of the left leg and right side of the right leg is where you will find the points.

Benefits of Sinus and Nasal Congestion Pressure Points

Acupressure points for sinus can help relieve tension in cheeks, forehead muscles, tension headaches, migraines, and drains sinus. These points have signifance for relieving pain without the use of medicines. Sinus can be painful aa congestion blocks the airways. Acupressure points can be a life saver by healing and recovering from pain.

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