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50 Reasons Why you Should Love Being Pregnant

Pregnancy takes a toll as you progress through every stage. Some women may find early stages difficult while others may find it hard to cope up with the growing bump later on. Whatever is your struggle, pregnancy has its own reasons to cherish.

So, be glad that you can experience this beautiful journey and hold your little bundle of joy after having gone through much.

Young pregnant couple is waiting for their little girl
  1. What is the first thing you do when you come to know about your pregnancy? Tell the ones who are closest to you. Right? Your partner, mother, sister, friends, or anyone you trust can be included in the circle of disclosing the news first. The sharing moment brings joy itself and the journey begins with many more to come.
  2. In the months to come, new mums often fantasize and imagine what motherhood will be like. Whether they will be able to cope up well with it or not? And what will it feel like to see their little miracle for the first time ever. You have plenty of time to decide and plan things ahead while being pregnant. Make use of it.
  3. You can no longer fit into your wardrobe as your baby bump grows bigger. So, you have every reason to pick a new wardrobe for yourself to love your pregnant body.
  4. Pamper yourself during pregnancy is what you would love. You get care from people around you and you will even miss this after you give birth.
  5. You get to keep names for hour growing bump and your little one. Take your time and decide what you like most.
  6. Attending antenatal classes can also be a social gathering as you make friends with mums to be. You never know these friendships can last forever.
  7. Enjoying your growing bump could have never been a joy unless you were pregnant. This is the only time you feel overwhelmed watching your belly grow.
  8.  Joining a birth club offers you support and advice throughout your pregnancy. Look for mums delivering around the time you will probably do.
  9. You can finally buy the bras you have always wanted for the perfect cleavage. Your boobs are now fuller and more beautiful than ever.
  10. Pregnancy is a phase to learn so much about your own body and the development of your baby. Utilize this time to know more and more about it.
  11. Being pregnant makes you feel bossy as you get to rest and let someone else do the chores for you. What a wonderful excuse you get in your lifetime when no one can question you or say a no.
  12. You get all extra attention from people around you. Even strangers care for you as you are pregnant and need to be taken care of. You will certainly miss all this once your baby is here.
  13. You can take free advice from your sister or friend who are already mums. Get ample of advice on how to go through changing phases from pregnancy to becoming a new mum.
  14. You can share the news with the rest of the people when you think it is time. You will certainly enjoy these moments as you see people cheering up on the good news.
  15. You will soon be trying out new skills to prepare for your little one’s arrival. It can be anything from sewing, knitting, painting to assembling things.
  16. You will appreciate your parents for having struggled for you. This is natural as new parents make their entry in the world of parenthood.
  17. You get to shop for your newborn and pick things according to your favourite theme. This is a wonderful thing to do as your baby’s nursery tis the most soothing place to your eyes now while preparing it.
  18. You have been waiting foe those first kicks and you finally feel something around that time. You start wondering whether it is what you think. The most awaited moment for a first time mum.
  19. You are all free to send your partner to bring whatever you want to eat. No guilts ans shame even if you want something in the middle of the night.
  20. Your parents would love showing you photos of when it was your arrival in the world.
  21. Staying fit and doing healthy activities is all you have on your mind now. Not just for you but for your baby as well.
  22. Vivid dreams will be with you throughout the phase and you can laugh them out with your loved ones as they make no sense at all.
  23. You will feel your baby’s little heels pushing on your tummy closer to your due date. All moments are to be cherished as it grows your imagination and all you wish is to hold your baby in your arms.
  24. You will make a habit of waking up everyday to feel the baby move by rubbing your belly. Your little one will respond to your touch and you will absolutely love it.
  25. The little outfits you go shopping for will please your eyes. It is a treat to choose the best ones for your baby to come.
  26. You can have a diary for pregnancy notes where you share everything you want. Your notes might help you in future to cope better.
  27. You can keep track of your growing belly for yourself. You will see and be amazed of how big you got before you had the baby with you.
  28. You have a team of doctors and nurses to take care of you while you give birth. All will be there to be attentive to your needs.
  29. You are never alone during your pregnancy as your baby is with you when you are in bed or showering.
  30. You have the right to write your birth plan and your doctor will make things possible as you had planned.
  31. Everyday is a miracle as your little one grows inside of you. You will be amazed at how capable your body is of fullfiling the needs of your baby naturally.
  32. You await an adventure coming ahead with your little one’s arrival. Even though you must be afraid of how everything is going to change.
  33. You can bond with your baby even when she is inside of you. Talk to her or simply massage your bump to give your warmth.
  34. Now that you have avoided alcohol during these months of pregnancy, you are all set to try and experiment with the non alcoholic drinks in future as well.
  35. Your imagination is on the go throughout pregnancy. You will imagine what traits will your baby have and what will be inherit from whom.
  36. You look yourself in the mirror and cannot stop thinking and wondering that there actually is a little being inside your bump.
  37. You can take scan pictures home with you to look at it all day long and simply love every single thing about it.
  38. You and your partner can bond well when you share the news of pregnancy with him to see his first reaction. Also, seeing how your partner feels and reacts the first kick of your baby is a wonderful moment.
  39. You can now experiment with new sex positions for pregnancy as you find what is comfortable for you both.
  40. You finally have the chance to shop for your own baby after looking and gazing at the cute little dresses at the baby shops.
  41. Although it may be too early, you may still want to think how you want to see your child in future.
  42. You can have days and even weeks for deciding the perfect name you want for your baby and your partner can still not agree to it. Have fun anyway.
  43. You may be surprised at how everything works that you have been taught at the antenatal classes.
  44. You will enjoy listening to music even more than ever. Your baby will be dancing inside of you while listening too.
  45. You have waited for labour to start all during your pregnancy. Now that it starts, you know you will soon hold your baby in your arms.
  46. Pregnancy has spoilt you as your loved ones have taken special care of you. Allow yourself to enjoy all this and a baby shower.
  47. You can also enjoy maternity rights after the birth of your child. Avail all that you can.
  48. The birth of your baby will finally happen after all your efforts. You will make it through and will be able to enjoy the new addition to your family.
  49. Looking into the eyes of your little one is a special feeling you will experience. The bond that has developed while your baby was in the womb and now that he is in your arms is all so special.
  50. You are sure to miss all these wonderful pregnancy moments you cherished and chances are tha you will want another one soon after your first one arrives.

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