Laughter – The Sweetest Medicine For the Mind and Body

Laughter is a medicine that is stronger than any other conventional medications used. The most prominent health benefit of laughter is that reduces stress levels and improves mood. Humor is said to change how you perceive situations and makes you have a positive outlook for life.

So, whenever you need some time out of work or relationships to destress yourself, do something that will make you laugh. You will be able to surmount all your problems through the sweetest medicine available easily and for free.

What Happens When you Laugh?

Ever realized what happens within your body when you laugh? The mind and body are put into balance when you are relaxed.

Why Should Your Laugh Often?

A good laughter can remove all your worries off your mind. As children, we all have had amazing laughs and that time was truly amazing in every sense.

Now, as adults we should realize how important it is to destress and take some time to laugh everyday. It will have physical, mental, and social benefits to bring you back into life.

Laughter is contagious and it brings others to laugh with you as well. It is free and anyone can have it without a prescription with all the amazing health benefits to experience.

Physical Health Benefits of Laughter

A hearty laughter can do wonders for your health. It can work better than any physical therapy at times by relaxing your body and mood.

Boosts Immunity

The immune system works with fuel provided to it. You can easily strengthen it by extracting all stress and filling in with good laughter. Well, this may sound weird but good moods can actually boost immunity.

Relaxes the Whole Body Muscles

The physical tension is released when you laugh your heart out. As a result, your body muscles are relaxed leaving you tension free.

Protects the Heart

Laughter is an easy remedy for staying healthy. The blood circulation improves when you are happy and stress free. This can protect your heart from damage and other related problems.

Burns Calories

This certainly does not mean you do not need a gym but a good laugh can contribute to losing weight. You can expect to burn at least 40 calories laughing for 15 minutes a day. Who does not want to laugh after all when it is beneficial in every way.

Increases Your Lifespan

The lifespan increases when all functions are in place and working well. A study found that people who laughed more lived longer than people who lived in stress and resentment.

Mental Health Benefits of Laughter

Brings Joy to Life

You may note that laughter and anger do not come at a time. This ensures that a good laugh can eliminate feelings of resentment and distress from life. As a result, you feel joy and keep yourself in a good mood.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Laughter is the enemy of stress and anxiety as it helps to recharge and relax the body to gain strength. This makes an individual accomplish more in life with improved focus.

Releases Endorphins

The body releases feel good chemicals to relieve pain and boost overall well being. These chemicals are called endorphins which can reduce the anger span after a conflict. Laughter is good for pain and stress relief as well.

Social Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughter brings you closer to people which helps build good relationships.

Builds Healthy Relationships

You will feel more like laughing when you are around people or watching something on the television. Humor is to be shared as it spreads contagiously.

Setting up your priorities to spend more time around your loved ones and sharing good laughs will strengthen your bonds even more.

Attracts People Towards you

Laughter is like a magnet which attracts people around. Everyone needs to laugh and enjoy moments which is why happy people are always surrounded.

Enhances Teamwork

Engaging with someone is important to share a bond. Shared laughter is also the key to strengthen bonds as it adds joy to life. A playful communication will always result in a fruitful result thereby enhancing teamwork.

So, the next time you want your team to perform well, share some good laughs together to see the difference it makes.

Ways to Bring More Laughter into your Life

Follow simple ways to start bringing a change in your life.

Smile more often – A smile can make a major difference on how people around you feel about you. Take a second to pass a smile to the people around you and note the effect.

Count your blessings – Having gratitude for life makes you consider its positives. Keep in mind that negative thoughts leave no place for laughter and humor.

Move yourself towards laughter as you hear it closer – Move to places where laughter is heard. You may step forward and ask what was funny to laugh about and they will mostly love sharing it all over again.

Spend more time with cheerful people – People know the art of finding humor in situations from daily life. You can spend time with such people who love to entertain people with their entertaining abilities.

What is Simulated Laughter?

Believe it or not, you can laugh even if you do not know the reason why someone around you is laughing. This is what makes it contagious. Simulated laughter is a effective way to improve mental health.

Create Opportunities to Laugh Often

The best way to stay happy and healthy is to keep yourself stress free and engages in productive activities. Take sometime for yourself to recover from the daily stress and laugh out loud at whatever you enjoy most.

It can be anything such as a video you find funny, reading funny articles or jokes, being with funny and cheerful people, playing with a pet, playing with children, and doing silly and fun activities. You want it and you are all set to create an opportunity.

Useful Tips to Develop Good Sense of Humor

Humor is all about taking things lightly. It will only come to you as soon as you begin to laugh at your own self and the blunders you make. Embarasment will not allow you to develop humor as you will always be conscious about what you have done and if it was right.

Clearly some situations need seriousness and not laughter but that does not mean you have to remain serious in the rest of the situations.

Most ordinary day situations let you decide how you will create them like. And you can always take one moment and turn it into something humorous to laugh if you have sense.

So, begin with laughing at yourself and the embarasing moments you faced in life. Try to cover up the absurdness in life events to create moments of laughter.

Keep reminders around you to lighten up your mood such as a poster, toy, or a screensaver. Funny things are to be remembered often and shared with people. Doing this will keep you happy.

Do not pay attention to the things that worry you and are beyond your control. Bring out your inner child who knows how to lighten up things and situations by laughing often. Practice laughter daily just like an exercise to see the difference it makes in your life.

Khadija Ahmad

An author at Ask Health News, Khadija has good experience in Health And Physical Education and delivers her research work to entertain readers. Her words reflect creativity and intellect as she succeeds in shaping them into interesting articles for readers. Email: khadija@askhealthnews.com

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