Pendulum Gender Test- Is it Science, Superstition or just a Myth?

The gender revealing tests have been in trend since ages. Gender can now be predicted through an ultrasound but people still try different tests for fun. Some are just old wives tales while some may even have logic behind.

We discussed Gender revealing tests to let you know all that you may try before your baby arrives. There is one test which surely feels like magic. Ever wondered why the pendulum moves in a particular direction when placed over a male or female? Whether there is some logic behind or simply your intuition?

The Pendulum Test

People may take it as a fun activity but what really surprises about the results is that they really work for genders. The directions change so rapidly when you place it over a male or a female. This test is frequently used for birds as they are kept for mating according to their gender. The test comes out to be a success.

This may have provoked people to try it for their hidden babies inside the womb. Although all other tests may just be thought of myths and coincidence based on old wives experiences, the pendulum is something to be curious about. So, how does it actually work?

How to do the Pendulum Test?

The pendulum test is done with an object attached to a string. The string is then placed a few inches above any body part. The movement starts by itself after holding it for a couple of seconds. The object should ideally be cylinder shaped with a pointed edge facing downwards. This pendulum shape gives more accurate results. However, people often use a ring for the pendulum.

Is it a Superstition?

Many people believe it is a superstition based on how it works. Some say the pendulum works in accordance to what you are thinking in your mind. You want it to move it in a circle, it will do that. You want to move it in a straight line, it will move like that. So, there is no logic behind this superstition?

Well, then let us assume that a person does not even know about the gender and how is the pendulum supposed to move according to it. What will the pendulum do then? How will it move if the person holding the string is not sure which way the pendulum should move? This clarifies that the pendulum and its working is beyond superstition.

However, people have been using it for a yes or no to their answers. That may have another reason based on how the test is done.

Is there any Science Behind The Pendulum Gender Test?

Does the mind go wondering what science could be involved behind the moving pendulum? There has to be a force to get it moving right? How can something move when there is nothing to cause the reaction for its opposite reaction?

No wonder the test works accurately for birds and even human beings. You may just try it on yourself and others to find out the results. But there surely has to be some logic behind the pendulum’s movements all by itself. This cannot happen by itself and it cannot be a superstition as well. Or is it just a myth? Well, it remains a mystery again.

Is the Pendulum Test Just a Myth?

Most gender tests are believed to be myths based on old wives tales. There is no truth or logic behind to prove how the tests work as they are different for everybody. However, people try those gender revealing tests for fun to see how they work and come true for their little ones.

Myths can become huge depending on how people believe in it. While most people think the pendulum test is just a myth, others believe it is magic. They cannot believe how the thing moves on its own to reveal the unknown gender.

How Does the Pendulum Move for Revealing Gender?

The results for cylindrical shaped pendulum can tell you about the gender. The to and fro movement of pendulum tells you it is a girl whereas the circular movement tells it is a boy. Both the movements are very obvious. You just need to hold the string firm without moving your hand.

You will see the movements starting after a couple of seconds. The motion of the object becomes very obvious as it gets stronger signals. What are the signals and how does the pendulum catch them is still a mystery.

Assumptions and Logics Behind the Pendulum

Assuming there is some force that makes the pendulum move, what could it be? Is it temperature or some rays emitted by males and females? This should have a relation as all living things emit electromagnetic radiation and the wavelength of rays depends on temperature, area, and characteristics according to a study. The radiations are therefore also known as thermal radiation because of the temperature dependence.

That being said, what characteristics define the different wavelengths for males and females? The main source of radiation in humans is potassium. It was studied that potassium levels were higher in males than females. So, if it is ionization energy, potassium levels may be the reason. There is still no evidence or proof for the pendulum test and science behind it. All the assumptions are based on what can be possible if it moves based on science and its mechanics.

Bottom Line

Whatever is the reason for the moving pendulum, it is a fun activity. It makes us feel like magic as the pendulum moves differently over a male and female. Also, the pendulum placed over a pregnant woman will move in a straight line. Whereas the pendulum moves in a circle when placed over her baby in the womb. How amazing is this? No wonder your mind thinks it is some kind of magic being done. Try the test for real and let us know if your results came out to be accurate.

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