All About Blood Type Diets – What’s the Truth Behind Right Foods for Your Type?


Blood type diets are based on the ABO blood group system to determine a healthy diet for each group. such diets have been advocated by several authors and each one recommends a distinct diet plan.

The best seller book “Eat right for your type” gained popularity as people started to recognize how it truly worked. Although diets based on the blood group system have no significance in science , they have actually worked for several people.

What are Blood Type Diets Based on?

The base of blood type diets is the way their systems absorb lectins. Therefore, compatible food groups have been listed for different blood groups to work efficiently for their body type.

The blood type theory suggests that the O group is ancestral in humans and therefore the diet should contain high animal protein as people from the past were animal hunters.

The group A should have more of a vegetarian diet because those were people evolved when agrarian societies came into existence.

The B blood group type is considered to benefit from dairy foods whereas the AB group type should consider an intermediate diet proposed to the groups A and B.

Blood type

What Makes Blood Type O an Individual?

Every individual has a genetic heritage through which we share a bond with our ancestors even though we have come across the twenty first century.

It is said that the characteristics of people are based on their blood group types and so should they eat according to their immune systems. Some nutrients beneficial for one group may not suit the other blood group according to the eat for your blood type research.

Leptin is a substance contained in foods which has different effects on different blood groups. A single drop of blood can individualize the biochemicals of your type which are just like your fingerprint.

Type O has a defensive benefit over the other groups although they may be prone to diseases like ulcers and thyroid disorders.

Blood Type O – Strengths and Weaknesses

The blood type O has a unique digestive system that can digest both protein and fats better than any other group. This ability can also metabolize the cholesterol from animal products which is beneficial for health.

However, the carbohydrates are not very well tolerated as they are converted to fats and triglycerides very soon.

Blood Type O – Behaviour and Physical Activity

Type O’s behaviour can be destructive in case they get overly stressed. Also, they should avoid alcohol and caffeine as it raises adrenaline levels which can be harmful for them.

Type O’s respond better emotionally if they exercise regularly. Therefore it is recommended to indulge in regular aerobic exercise to stay healthy.

What Makes Blood Type A an Individual?

Type A’s have better responsive system to carbohydrates although they may not be able to digest animal based protein and fat. Type A’s have a powerful interconnection between their body and mind.

This can bring positive changes with the dietary guidelines designed for this type which will reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Blood Type A’s – Profile

Blood type marks individuality along with personality of a person. Type A’s are sensitive, analytical, creative, inventive, and good listeners. All the characteristics are defined on base of their blood type. Studies have shown that there is an interesting relationship between the group types and their personality.

Blood Type A – Diet

A diet plan does not necessarily have to mean eating weight loss foods. A healthy diet simply means eliminating the toxic foods from your diet and including those with positive effects on your health.

Following a vegetarian diet for type A’s can supercharge their immune system and significantly reduce the risk of many life threatening diseases.

The blood group A types should include seafoods, tofu, fruits, vegetables, turkey, and whole grains in their diet. Seafood, vegetables, pineapple, and soy can even help this type in achieving weight loss.

However, it is recommended to avoid meat, dairy, kidney beans, and corn as they does not metabolize well and can create problems with digestion.

What Makes Blood Type B an Individual?

The blood type B is known for its malleability as it has the capability to adjust with changes in the environment. It is also about thriving balance in life.

The blood type B takes continuum and follows the path in fluidity as it not stationary like those of the A and O blood types. It remains successful in achieving the balance between animal and vegetarian kingdom.

Blood Type B – Diet

The blood group B are susceptible to weight gain if they eat corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds. These foods do not metabolize well and cause fatigue, fluid retention, and severe sugar drop. Another food to avoid is chicken as it can lead to immune disorders.

The foods beneficial for the B blood group type include goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit, eggs, green vegetables, and dairy foods. Choosing the right foods can help you lose weight and live a healthier life.

Blood Group Type B – Emotional Response

The B blood group is similar to A blood group in terms of emotional response as it does not handle stress effectively. It faces the difficult of recovering from stress which increases the risk of depression, insulin resistance, and hypothyroidism.

To achieve a healthy balance, blood group B types should indulge themselves in meditative activities. Aerobic intense exercises are not meant for this type and so they should turn to others forms of exercise such as playing tennis, cycling, hiking, and golf.

What Makes Blood Type AB an Individual?

The blood group AB is rare as it does not exist more than 5% in the population. The intermingling of blood group A and B resulted in the AB group and it can attain the properties of each other according to conditions.

Blood Group Type AB – Diet

The blood group AB should focus on foods including seafood, dairy foods, green vegetables, and tofu. It is recommended to avoid smoked meat, caffeine, and alcohol.

Some fishes are highly beneficial foe your health such as salmon, sardines, tuna, and red snapper. Foods that are beneficial will digest well as your blood group type will metabolize them better.

Blood Type AB – Emotions and Exercise

The blood group type AB faces difficulty in managing stress as they tend to internalize it which most often harms themselves. Exercise can help them achieve emotional balance and relieve stress. There should be a balance of both intense aerobics exercise and relaxing exercises like yoga.

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