Best Diet Plan to Reduce Insulin Resistance in the Body


Dietary habits have an important role in controlling how blood sugar is utilized by the body. Insulin is another vital hormone which regulates glucose in the blood. The right diet plan makes your body function well and maintains the right balance of hormones.

Insulin resistance makes your body leave out excess glucose in the blood thereby causing high blood sugar levels. This makes insulin important and its function can have a huge impact on other functions as well.

Importance of Insulin in the Body

Insulin is the hormone released by the pancreas to help in the absorption of glucose by the body cells. Glucose is important for energy and therefore it should be well absorbed and regulated in the bloodstream. This keeps the blood sugar levels balanced and all the cells energized.

What is Insulin Resistance?

The body becomes sensitive to insulin in a way that it does not respond well to glucose absorption.

The pancreas has to make more insulin, as a result, to keep the blood sugar work in control. Insulin resistance makes it harder for the body to absorb glucose which causes problems.

The pancreas may not always cope up with excess insulin secretion and high levels of glucose cannot be utilized by the cells in the body. All this creates a mess in the body resulting in type 2 diabetes or other health disorder.

Impact of Diet Changes on Insulin Resistance

Dietary factor has a major impact on how insulin resistance works. High-calorie consumption from fats and sugars can cause weight gain which also increases the risk of insulin resistance.

This can be overcome by making healthy changes in the routine. Getting physically active can reduce your risk of suffering from diabetes-related problems.

Moreover, there are foods that can reduce the risk of having insulin resistance while some foods can counteract the risk. All depends on what you choose to eat.

So, you really want to know what diet is best for having reduced risk of insulin resistance and resulting diabetes? It is the Mediterranean diet! Yes. You should opt for this diet and also consult a nutritionist to guide you further along your food journey.

The Mediterranean Diet – Best Plan for Overcoming Diabetes

So, you are on your way to choosing a diet plan that will suit your needs. Here is the best diet that will help you overcome insulin sensitivity.

The Mediterranean diet is what makes you have the right proportions of nutrients in meals. Insulin and glucose balance is maintained as the foods are mostly plant-based.

The Mediterranean diet plan is based on having plant-based foods as a major part of your meal. Olive oil is the source of fat used in the diet plan to avoid any unhealthy foods. Moreover, fruits are the sweetening part after your meal. Overall, it makes a healthy meal plan with all areas covered to reduce the risk of insulin resistance.

Foods for Reducing Risk of Insulin Resistance

As mentioned earlier, the Mediterranean diet includes mostly plant-based foods. The main protein sources are fish, poultry, nuts, and legumes. Dairy products should only be consumed in moderation as they may have adverse effects in some cases.

Foods particularly known to have a good effect on blood sugar levels include leafy greens, tomatoes, lemons, oranges, lentils, beans, soy, oats, barley, quinoa, salmon, sardines, berries, sweet potatoes, and unsweetened yogurt. All such foods are a good way of bringing your body in shape and nourishing you with healthy nutrients. Try to include as much of these in your daily diet to have a balance of everything.

Foods to be avoided

It is never good to overload your body with foods having a high glycemic index. Such foods require the body to produce more insulin but they will also make the cells less responsive towards it. This results in constant high blood sugar levels which may damage kidneys and limbs.

Low glycemic index foods are the healthiest choice for blood sugar patients as their body does not process glucose efficiently. Try to look for options that are safe for your health condition and choose a diet plan accordingly. There are many diet plans serving you with the purpose you want. Insulin friendly diets are also good for polycystic ovary syndrome, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Moreover, there are diets good for weight loss which may help you a great deal.

The foods to avoid include sweetened beverages, alcohol, beer, potatoes, yam, pumpkin, and corn. All these are high in starch. Also, ultra-processed foods, boxed foods, sugary sweets, refined grains, fried foods, and foods containing saturated fats should be strictly avoided. At least limit these foods to have a significant effect on the blood sugar levels.

Other Healthy Diet Plans

Healthful eating is the mantra for life if you really want to live free of health problems. Apart from the Mediterranean diet, ketogenic and DASH diet plans are also effective in overcoming insulin resistance.

A diet plan works best when it is combined with the right lifestyle approach. This includes regular physical activity and controlled calorie intake for each day to meet your goals.

A healthy diet plan should always include balanced nutrition in every meal. Meals should be divided in proportions containing protein, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. This will make your immune system used to digest foods in a healthy way.

A strong immune system makes your body resist bacterial infections. A diet containing vital nutrients is a way to prevent diseases and deficiencies.

What is the Best Diet Plan to Choose for Good Health?

It’s your personal choice whether you want to choose Vegetarian, Mediterranean, low fat, or high protein diet. Every diet has its own benefits depending on how you follow it. Know more about the best diet plans to make the right choice.

The right diet plan is anything that suits your body and needs. Different diet plans serve for different purposes. You may also need to choose a diet plan according to health conditions.

Foods with low glycemic index work best for insulin resistance in the body as they do not cause blood sugar spikes. Do your research and find out more about diet plans good for diabetics and heart patients.

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