13 Healthy Foods for Natural Weight Gain

Natural foods are the best way to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy diet can keep you safe from many diseases and obesity as it nourishes the body with nutrients.

Weight gain is not something many people would consider in their life. However, gaining weight can be a milestone for people just like losing weight. It may be hard for some people to gain weight for which they may struggle.

It is less common for people to look for ways to gain weight as it is least needed nowadays. Still, underweight people will find natural ways for gaining weight.

Foods for Gaining Weight

Natural foods are the best way to gain weight as they do not pose any risk for your body. Supplements and artificial methods for adding up pounds are not recommended.

Try to opt for natural foods to gain or lose weight as your body should not get used to artificial support. You may also observe how the same natural foods can serve different purposes.

Milk – Milk is known for its weight gain properties as it helps in building muscles. Milk is a perfect blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and can be a part of a balanced diet plan.

It contains minerals to help your body retain muscle mass. It can be taken as a meal or snack at any time of the day. You may also combine milk with bananas or other fruits to gain weight naturally.

Rice-Rice is a rich source of calories for gaining weight. They are easily digested by the body and are an instant source of energy. The carbohydrates in rice can help you gain some extra pounds but you should avoid excessive intake.  

Nuts – Nuts and seeds are the healthiest sources of gaining vital nutrients. They may serve you well if you want to lose weight or gain weight as they count as a healthy snack.

The calorie-dense property of nuts makes their consumption limited in weight loss diet plans. Nut butter is also a delicious way of adding nuts to your diet. Moreover, smoothies and shakes can be made by adding in nuts.

Red Meat – Muscle building needs lots of protein from healthy food sources. Red meat is one of the most healthy foods for attaining muscle mass.

Choosing the fattiest cuts will make you gain more weight than the lean cuts. Therefore, it is wise to make the right choice. People taking red meat for a number of weeks were shown to improve strength and muscle.

Potatoes – Potatoes contain starch which helps in gaining weight. Starchy foods are easy to eat if you want to gain some extra weight. They will not cost you much. There are other sources of starch including oats, corn, beans, and legumes.

The carbohydrates and calories in potatoes and other starchy foods are a quick and effective way of gaining weight. Include healthy starches in your diet to have a healthy body.

Oily Fish – Oily fish is a nutrition boost for your body. It contains healthy fats and protein to help your body build muscles.

Whole Eggs – Eggs should be a part of your regular diet. They are loaded with calcium, protein, carbs, and fats.

Dark Chocolate – Yes, you read that right! Dark chocolate is actually good for your body in several ways. It is just about the quality that matters. A good brand with more cocoa content assures there are fewer additives to harm you. Chocolate is rich in calories and contains fats.

Cheese – Very similar to chocolate, cheese contains fats and calories. Also, cheese is a good source of protein and can be added to meals in different ways.

Whole Grain Bread – healthy carbohydrates can be ideal for gaining weight naturally. A well-balanced meal can contain a proportion of bread with proportions of protein.

Avocados – Avocados are rich in calories and can, therefore, be ideal for gaining weight. Avocados have several benefits as they are loaded with beneficial compounds. You may try adding them to your meals in different ways.

Healthy Cereals – Cereals contain all the healthy nutrients you need for growth. Oatmeal can be a good choice if you are looking for healthy alternatives to sugary cereals.

Even cereal bars are good if you want to gain healthy weight. Take cereal bars as a snack or combine them with yogurt or eggs to enjoy a perfect meal.

Yogurt – It is a mix of healthy nutrients for your growth. Yogurt can easily be incorporated into meals in various ways. You can have yogurt with fruits, nuts, honey, and flakes. Also, making smoothies with yogurt is a good way of adding calories to your diet. Try to opt for full-fat yogurt if you want to gain weight.

Bananas – Bananas are fully packed with healthy nutrients. They may be added to different diets depending on what your goal is. Weight gain can easily be achieved by eating bananas or drinking a shake or smoothie made with them.

Other Tips for Gaining Weight Naturally

You should increase your calorie intake per day to have weight gain. Also, eat more frequently to overcome high metabolic rate. Smoothies and shakes are the best way of gaining weight rapidly.

Do not just focus on eating fatty foods as you should choose nutrient-rich foods to have healthy weight gain. Avoid all sorts of supplements for weight gain as they may damage your immune system and cause furthermore problems.

What are the Causes of Being Underweight?

A person can be underweight if he has a fast metabolism, eats less, or has a particular health condition. Genetics plays a role in how the body processes foods and puts on weight.

Physical and mental disorders can also be responsible for not being able to gain weight. The cause should be diagnosed in order to work on it. You should choose your diet accordingly.

Health conditions including hyperthyroidism, diabetes type 1, and cancer can disallow weight gain and become a major cause of being underweight.

Bottom Line  

You can gain weight if you add more calories to your diet. Doing this consistently will make you add pounds to your weight in some time.

Gaining weight is not only about adding up fats to your body, instead, but you should also focus on building muscles too. Lifting weight is a good option for that. Incorporate healthy foods in your diet to gain nutrients for the body.

Also, try to vary dishes made with the foods you choose to eat. This will make you enjoy what you eat.


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