Why does Loneliness Hurt so Much?

Almost everyone needs people around them to share their grievances, happiness and success stories. Why does loneliness hurt? Because, if these stories are untold for a longer period of time they might explode due to depression. There are many reasons why a happy child grows up as a lonely individual. So this loneliness monster can attack you in any stage of your life.

How it is to be lonely?

Loneliness is an overwhelming emotion, one suffering from it since a long time is really about to burst. Lonely people tend to cry alone and cut off their other social networks as well.

They isolate themselves more and slowly and gradually they enter the phase of depression. They lose the sparks in their lives. They require a soothing hand in their hand and a person who can read their untold minds. But they will never ask anybody to give them favors. They are the people who are very much discouraged and have low self-esteem.

Mostly, people who are accustomed to loneliness for a long period of time are victims of depression and anxiety. They lose the hope of living a healthy and balanced life. Their goal towards life tarnish and they feel isolated and deserted.

This is why many lonely people just lose all the hope and charm in life and succumb to death by committing suicide. No matter how much wealthy a rich man is, if he is lonely- he’s not going to be a happy man.

Perhaps, that’s why it is said that human is a social animal. In this totally fast-paced world, many people are left alone and are deprived of being socially active. People are so busy handling their problems that they don’t have time to look for each other’s needs and problems. After the invasion of technology human-to-human contact has shrunk to a drastic level.

Side Effects of Loneliness

The demon that manifests loneliness creates a new personality of an individual making him feel less confident, useless and unwanted by the world. Loneliness hurts, it kills him deep inside, makes him feel hollow and stops him in his own stride.

Being alone for a long time promotes secrecy and distrust in the affected person. Not only loneliness makes the health suffer but it also makes that poor person sick easily. And when he actually gets sick will take more time to recover.

Some try to indulge in gambling, drugs, and alcohols leaving devastating after-effects on their lives. Now there is a dire need to work on as to how the young ones of our society should combat loneliness.

Factors contributing to Loneliness

There are several reasons for an individual suffering from loneliness. One can suffer due to the requirements of the job for traveling often, such a person lacks strong bondage with people, their life is surrounded by weak friendships and mostly meeting with people when desired.

Another factor that is known to be a trigger of stress which leads to loneliness is a job which yields no satisfaction. Some people really don’t understand office politics and as a result, become a victim of it. Some people say something in the ear of his colleague, believing that he won’t let the secret out but his friend betrays him. When a person suffering from heartbreak up this also causes a man to through himself in a dark room, not wanting to talk anybody.

Some people get the feeling of being unwanted and thus they start feeling left off. Each and every one of us wants to get loved because it makes us strengthen and feel happy. Therefore to make your family and friends prevent this disease of loneliness one should all hug them often, kiss them and show ourselves as their strengths by standing beside them in their time of need.

If one gets to know the psychological complexities of being lonely one will regret for sure. The death rates for lonely people are relatively higher than people who are suffering from coronary diseases or high cholesterol or blood pressure.

Not only such people need moral support but also psychiatrists to deal with their mental problems and to bring them back to life. There is also a book of Kory Floyd related to loneliness named ” The Loneliness Cure: Six Strategies for Finding Real Connections in Your Life“.

If you know any of your friend who is struggling in his life and is living a lonely life then you should come forward and let him know that you care for his feelings and motivate him to let go the past and live a happy life again. Tell him how important he is for you and it hurts to you that he is living a lonely life.

Adeena Tariq

Adeena's professional life has been mostly in hospital management, while studying international business in college. Of course, she now covers topics for us in health.

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