What does your Sleeping Position Tell about your Personality


A third of our lives are spent while sleeping. Our body needs time to reboot so it can perform well. Comfort should come first when you sleep as there is nothing comparable to good quality sleep. Everyone has their own sleeping style according to their comfort. The position on you sleep in can decide whether it was the reason for lack of sleep. A good and healthy sleeping position can be beneficial in several ways.

How Do You Sleep?

Sleeping position can actually reveal a lot about your personality. It depends on how a person finds comfort while sleeping which determines his traits. Lots of articles have been written to show the connection between personality traits and the way a person sleeps. However, there are positions claimed to be better than other positions for having a good sleep. There is no specific way of sleeping that will work at all times.

Now, let us have a look at some common positions people choose to sleep in. The positions are perceived differently by different people as their comfort levels vary. The personality of individuals who like sleeping in the baby position are more reserved and do not like socializing much. The exterior of such a person can be tough and you may find no clue about the inside traits in such case. On the other hand, people who like to sleep in the shooting star position are social and like to communicate with others.

Log Roller

This position is when the sleeper is on his side. Hence, this is a side sleeper position in which the arms are stretched straight. The arms lie on your side in this position. This is a popular position as people find it comfortable to sleep on their side. These are the people who like socializing. They have preferences for meeting people of their favorite crowd. You can easily trust them as they easy going and easy to converse with.

Yearning Dreamer

The yearning dreamer is a position with back support. It is supported on the mattress although it can make your neck, arm, and shoulder numb. The arms are stretched in front while lying on the side. Such people are open as they like to make new friends. However, yearning dreamers are not good decision-makers. These people are reliable and easy to trust. They have their goals set once they reach a decision.

Sleepy Soldier

A sleepy soldier sleeps on his back with arms at the sides. It is an attentive position which is why the name is suggested like that of a soldier. People who like this position tend to have qualities of a soldier. They are calm and focused on their goals. They do not like fuss and take themselves and people around very seriously.

The position aligns your back and neck on the mattress. That is where a good mattress comes into role. Although this position can lead to snoring, it can also help treat the symptoms of acid reflux. Snoring can, however, become a problem for those who are fond of sleeping on their back. It happens because of gravity pulling your tongue backward and blocking the airways.

The Shooting Star

The sleeper in shooting star position lies on his back with his legs and arms stretched out. The sleeper keeps his arms above his head. Although the position is not common, some people like sleeping like a starfish. The unconventional style of sleeping makes these sleepers supportive, loyal, and friendly.

The sleeping position itself speaks for their behavior as their arms stretch out to help their friends and relatives. However, this position may not be as comfortable for people having sleep disturbances such as snoring. The position is likely to make you snore as you lie on the back just like the sleepy soldier.

The Skydiver Position

The skydiver likes to sleep on the stomach. They like to wrap their arms around the pillow coming from behind. These sleepers have fun personalities to be with. They are playful and cheerful personalities who tend to be free-spirited on the outside. However, they keep secrets and feel anxious in situations to crave control.

The position is good for people sleeping on a big sized mattress. While it may seem to be a good position to sleep in, it is actually the worst position. You will risk the muscles of your neck and back by sleeping on the stomach.

The Baby Position

The baby position is in which the sleeper sleeps on his side. The sleeper likes to curl up his legs just like a baby in the womb. This is a comfortable position and therefore is ranked as the most popular position among all. The baby position indicates that the person is tough from outside and shy on the inside.

The position is best regarded as the one with the least interruptions. You feel comfortable and cozy in this way.

Couple Sleeping Position

Co-sleeping is a way of cuddling which gives you comfort. This is a sleeping position for couples to stay closer. It may tell you a lot about the relationship of partners sleeping this way. Spooning relaxes your hormones and calms your nerves in various ways. Intimacy has been thought to relieve stress if you have a good relationship with your partner. However, it is also good to have some space to gain confidence. Sleep styles can vary among partners and this can make it difficult to sleep. Sleeping well with a partner you are comfortable with will benefit your health.

Is there a Right Way to Sleep?

Have you wondered if there is a right position to sleep in? You may be surprised to know that there is no one position that fits all. Everyone has different needs and their sleeping style may be unique. Some people will prefer sleeping on their side while others will want to sleep on their back. It all depends on your comfort level and bedtime needs.

What is the Best Position to Sleep?

Sleeping on your side or your back is the two most common positions to sleep in. Stomach sleepers may find comfort sleeping this way although it is not a recommended position.

Which Direction Should You Sleep In?

This is another concern for sleepers. The direction of sleeping is important if you want improved blood circulation. Sleeping on your left side improves blood flow to the organs. Also, it is better to sleep on your left side during pregnancy as the liver does not press the uterus this way.

Should You Sleep with a Pillow?

It depends on an individual whether or not he wants to sleep on a pillow. A pillow can give comfort and support for your neck. However, is better to avoid using it if the pillow is not comfortable. It is absolutely normal to sleep on a mattress alone if you do not find a pillow comfortable.

Bottom Line

A sleeping position may describe your personality in general. The qualities of sleepers in a particular position can indicate a lot about their nature. The way you want to sleep totally depends on what your preference is. All you should look for is the comfort, benefits, and personal choice. Choosing good quality mattress and pillows can add up to your comfort and should, therefore, be given importance.

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