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Can You Get Pregnant Again Before the Return of Periods After Childbirth

Pregnancy causes a shift in hormones which take some time to return to normal after giving birth. Women feel conscious about getting pregnant again after delivery as the periods do not return soon. It should be known that there are chances that a woman gets pregnant right after giving birth. There is no certainty that a woman cannot get pregnant soon after childbirth as ovulation may occur.

Although fertility decreases when a woman delivers her child and there are few chances that she will conceive soon after that. This is a way of nature giving some time for the woman’s body to heal. Breastfeeding is known to suppress ovulation in most women. However, that is not completely safe if you want to avoid pregnancy. While this is not a reliable method of contraception, women still tend to believe breastfeeding will save them from getting pregnant again.

Knowing more about the return of periods after childbirth is important. This will let women make decisions about their bodily needs and whether to use contraception or not.

What is Lactational Amenorrhoea?

Lactational amenorrhoea is a contraceptive method which does not let a woman get pregnant. The absence of periods or ovulation can be a result of this. The contraceptive method is not reliable but nature does its work to let a woman’s body heal. So, it is important that you use another contraceptive method if you want to avoid pregnancy soon. This will ensure that you have taken all measures to avoid any risks. Make it happen before you feel ready for sex again.

When do Periods Return After Delivery?

Every woman is different and her body will react differently to what others do. The return of periods after childbirth can be confusing. Some women will have periods around 6 to 8 weeks after delivery while others will not have a clue of them returning anytime soon. It may take months and you may not know until they finally arrive. The only worry women have is whether they have got pregnant again if they do not come for longer periods. This may be the case and you should check for symptoms and signs just to be sure. This is even more necessary if you want to avoid pregnancy in the near future and you receptive are still not using a contraceptive method.

Can You Conceive Again Before Periods Return?

Yes, it is possible for a woman to conceive after her childbirth. There is no doubt in saying that the possibilities cannot be ignored. Reliable contraceptives can save women from unwanted pregnancies particularly after they have just had a child. The woman’s body needs to heal and that is why contraceptives are given importance. Women should be well aware of all possibilities and choose what suits them best. The return of periods cannot always be predicted and there may be a pregnancy taking place while you think your periods are just late.

Is Breastfeeding a Contraceptive Method?

Breastfeeding will suppress ovulation which is needed for an egg to be released and fertilized. Therefore, breastfeeding is said to be a natural contraceptive method. However, you cannot totally rely on it as the hormones can still make a switch anytime. Combining breastfeed and bottle feed can have a different impact on how your body reacts and periods return after childbirth. Breastfeeding can delay your periods for months and you cannot know for sure when they are going to arrive. Although most women are safe from pregnancy while they breastfeed their child, some women still fall prey. It is better to speak to your GP and ask your queries beforehand.

Safety of Taking Contraceptive Pills While Breastfeeding

The most common contraceptive pills are mainly progesterone hormone pill which is safe. Women mostly use the progesterone pill for contraception when they are breastfeeding. However, the other pill is combined with the estrogen and progesterone hormone. The combined pill is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers as it is known to reduce milk supply. This may be a cause for concern as the baby will not get enough feed as he needs. There are other methods of contraception that may be discussed with the GP such as vaginal ring and patch. However, these two methods are also not considered safe for breastfeeding mums.

When is it Safe to Conceive Again After Delivery?

Women consult their GP to know when it will be safe for them to conceive again after childbirth. The doctor will only tell you about the risks of getting pregnant too soon after giving birth. Also, the options of contraception will be discussed to let the patient decide which method to choose. All doctors will have different opinions about the safest time to consider conception. However, it depends solely on the woman and her partner whether they want to consider the doctor’s opinion or not. Many times, even the contraceptive methods do not work which makes the woman fall pregnant despite all precautions.

Normal delivery and cesarean birth need varying times to heal a woman’s body. Normal or vaginal birth does not take more than 6 months to heal if there were no other complications. However, a cesarean birth takes much time to heal as the internal stitches have to be taken care of. 6 months is the complete healing time for a woman who has had a Caesar. This will save her uterus from rupture if she falls pregnant again after 6 months of childbirth. Although the doctors may tell you to wait for about 2 years before trying to conceive again, you may still choose what will suit you best.

Best Reliable Contraceptive Method

There are many contraceptive methods available to choose from. The most common method is the use of condoms. However, women choose to have contraceptive pills and coils placed to avoid pregnancy anytime soon before they are ready for it again. The reliable methods can be discussed with a doctor as you will be guided better according to what your preferences are. be aware of all the available options to you before you decide on anyone. Every woman is different and so will the options be for her. Contraceptive use is useful for women who want to spend some time with their new child before getting pregnant again. Moreover, it is a time in which their body gets healed and gains strength for future pregnancies.

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