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Easy and Effective Natural Remedies for Preventing Female Infertility


Infertility is more common nowadays. Men and women both are struggling with different causes and symptoms of infertility. There are natural remedies that can help overcome many causes while some causes are not treatable.

Infertility in women is most commonly caused by increased levels of testosterone hormone levels or increased insulin levels. Both are the culprits in making women infertile. Fortunately, in both cases, medicines can treat the condition and make women fertile.

The natural remedies can help in balancing the hormones and create a healthy environment for the organs to function well. However, there are medications and artificial methods of fertilization available, not everybody chooses to go through them unless natural remedies have failed.

Natural remedies do not have side effects and are comparatively safer than any other method. Although not all methods are completely safe, you can still rely on most of them. Boosting fertility through natural remedies is the safest thing to do.

Eat More Foods with Antioxidants

Zinc and folate are known to be the best nutrients for improving fertility in men and women both. These are antioxidants which work against the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are known to destroy the sperms and eggs which is why antioxidants are important. Walnuts are good for improving fertility as they are rich in antioxidants.

Also, it is observed that couples taking antioxidants supplements were more successful in conceiving through assisted reproductive techniques. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants and therefore these should be included in the diet.

Bigger Breakfast Can Save You

A bigger breakfast can improve fertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. The condition is defined as an imbalance of hormones resulting in slow metabolism or malfunctioning of the reproductive system.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. That being said, also means that dinner should be the lightest meal so it can be digested easily before you go to sleep. Most of us do the opposite as we eat special dinners as the most important and heaviest meal of the day.

Even women with normal weight should take care of their diet particularly if they have polycystic ovary syndrome. They should focus on eating most calories of the day in their breakfast meal so as to allow better digestion and fertility conditions. This is the easiest way of adopting safe and healthy natural remedies to improve fertility.

Cut Down on Trans Fats and Carbs

Trans fats have a negative impact on fertility and should, therefore, be avoided. Although healthy fats are good for improving fertility, they should be chosen carefully. Trans fats can make insulin sensitivity worse which is why they are best avoided.

Foods containing trans fats are fry foods, processed foods, and baked goods. Also, carbs are not good for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Women having polycystic ovaries are advised to eat a diet low in calories.

Low carb diets such as keto diet are best for women who want to lose weight. Ovulatory infertility is linked to the intake of more carbs in the diet. Low carb foods can save women from ovulatory disorders and thus should be included in the regular diet. Eating foods that are not refined will also save you from having high carbs in the diet. This will also reduce insulin sensitivity in the body thus improving hormonal balance.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Eating more fiber keeps your body working good. Fiber lowers the blood sugar levels which ultimately improves hormonal balance and insulin resistance. The excess hormones are flushed from the body thus keeping a healthy balance of everything.

Foods containing high fiber include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans. All such foods should be a part of your daily diet so as to balance estrogen and testosterone in the body. Both the hormones is important for optimal fertility. Too much fiber can be harmful so it should be taken in moderation.

Take More Vegetable Proteins in your Diet

Swapping animal proteins with vegetable proteins is good for achieving fertility goals. Proteins from beans, nuts, and seeds are good options to include in your diet. Infertility can be prevented by adding these vegetable protein sources instead of animal protein sources such as fish, meat, and poultry.

Choose High Fat Dairy

High-fat dairy is good for improving fertility in women. Replacing at least one serving of low-fat dairy with high-fat dairy can save women from infertility.

Take Multivitamins

Multivitamins are packed full of nutrients. They contain all the healthy and vital nutrients needed for healthy ovulation. Once ovulation occurs on time, fertility is improved. A multivitamin containing folate is useful for achieving pregnancy as it saves from birth defects in the child.

Moreover, there are supplements containing vitamins, chaste berry, and green tea that increase the chances of conception.

Stay Active

Staying active is necessary for achieving a healthy body. The hormones are balanced and weight is maintained. However, intense physical activity is harmful to the body and should, therefore, be avoided. A moderate level of exercise routine should be the target for improving fertility.

Make Time to Relax

Relaxation is also good when it comes to maintaining good health. Relieving stress can be a lifesaver for people struggling in life. There are different ways to relax which should be chosen according to your needs. Counseling and support from friends is most commonly a good way of relieving stress.

Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is never good for fertility and should be limited. The intake of caffeinated products should be taken into consideration when you are struggling for improving fertility. It can have a major impact on your body particularly if your intake is more than regular.

Take more Iron

As discussed before, supplements can increase your body’s functioning power. Iron is good for increasing the chances of ovulation thus improving fertility. Iron can be taken from food sources such as plant-based or animal-based. Beef is an excellent source of iron whereas apple is another source of plant-based iron.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and smoking are bad for your overall health. They make your health worse with time and allow diseases to attack you more easily. They make your immune system weak and you suffer from unwanted side effects as a result.

How do Natural Supplements Work for Improving Fertility?

Natural supplements are available for improving fertility. They make take more time in improving the fertility rates but are worth trying. The supplements contain royal jelly, bee pollen, and bee propolis. These ingredients can work wonders for improving fertility. However, they may take time for showing results as herbal remedies work slowly on the body. The effects are slow but long-lasting.

Role of Good Nutrition for Fertility

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy life. Nutrition provides all nutrients for the body to function well. Fertility goes the same way as the nutrients give fuel for the reproductive organs to produce the right hormones and perform well.

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