Natural Home Remedies and Tips for Preventing Hair Loss


People are now facing more hair fall problems than they ever did before. Who should we blame? Should we blame ourselves for not taking proper care of our health or the foods that we eat as they do not provide sufficient nutrition nowadays? Everything is so artificially grown and does not contain the nutritional value it should.

Hair fall can be really annoying and stressful for which people look for solutions. The solutions can be in the form of nutritional supplements or natural foods. Whatever the choice is, it should be wise and effective. Natural remedies come into a role when you want to play safe.

Home remedies for hair fall have been known to be effective for decades. The cause of hair fall should be known in order to try a solution to work for it. Unless the hair fall is because of any underlying health condition, home remedies can be great to grow the hair stronger and healthier.

What Causes Hair Fall?

One-third of the world’s population is being affected by hair fall. So, there is nothing to worry if you fall into this category as it is really common nowadays. A few follicles falling off is nothing to be concerned about as it js normal.

The hair fall that should be done something about is what causes baldness. Hair fall can be caused by multiple factors including diet, mineral deficiencies, stress, medication, and genetics. The causes that cannot be managed cannot be treated such as genetics.

Easy Solutions to Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall can be prevented by following easy remedies and solutions. Taking care of what you do to your hair will have an effect on how it looks. Falling hair can tell you that you are not taking enough care of it.

However, sometimes hair fall occurs even if you take care as the problem lies within your body. Whatever is the case, following the mentioned remedies can save you from hair fall to an extent.

  • Wash Hair Regularly with Mild Shampoo

It is important that you wash your hair regularly. Washing keeps your hair clean and prevents infection and dandruff. It also prevents your hair from breaking. After all who does not want neat and clean hair?

  • Take Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamins can strengthen your hair from the roots. They work by nourishing the roots of your hair and providing them with the food they need. The essential vitamins for good hair are Vitamin A, E, and Vitamin B. These vitamins are responsible for the production of sebum, blood circulation, and maintenance of hair color respectively.

  • Increase Protein Intake

Protein is building blocks for the body. Protein intake can, therefore, save your hair from falling off. Increase your daily intake of protein in order to see the result. Include foods such as egg, chicken, and beans to nourish your hair with sufficient protein.

  • Massage Scalp with Essential Oils

Massaging hair with essential oils makes your hair follicles absorb healthy nutrients. The hair follicles then grow healthy and stronger hair. Massaging the scalp with such oils open up the pores and allows better absorption.

  • Avoid Brushing Hair when Wet

Brushing wet hair weakens them from the roots and causes more hair to fall. Avoid brushing wet hair as it will only worsen your hair strength and cause them to fall off. It is good to gently brush your hair once they are dry.

  • Hydrate Yourself

Increase your daily intake of water in order to hydrate yourself. Water is the solution to many health problems. It can heal the body from within by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. Drink more water if you are not already doing so. This will add strength to your hair and prevent hair fall.

  • Rub Green Tea into Your Hair

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which is why it is good to rub it into the scalp. Direct contact with the hair follicles will fight off any free radicals and infections. Green tea has many benefits for the skin if taken orally or even applied externally.

Make use of its benefits so as to prevent hair fall and beautify your hair. Also, rubbing onion juice, garlic juice, and ginger juice onto the scalp is highly effective for hair growth. Regularly rubbing these juices and leaving them overnight to wash the next morning will give you best results within a week.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking have never been good for health in any way. Alcohol and smoking have been observed to destroy the overall immune system. Both are addictive and make you want more. This is bad for your body and hair as the system gets weaker inside.

  • Know What is Good and Bad for Your Hair

It is always good and bad for everything. Hair is also going to be as it is treated. It is better if you let your hair dry naturally instead of rubbing them with a towel.

  • Relax and Reduce Stress

Stress is harmful to your body in several ways. It damages your overall health by weakening the immune system. Also, stress causes obvious hair fall as a result of od stress. Practice yoga and meditation to de-stress yourself. See what works best for you and work on it to prevent hair fall as much as possible.

  • Exercise Well

Exercising for 30 minutes a day keeps your body in the best shape. You can either walk, jog, swim, dance, or bike but try to be regular in whatever you choose. Reducing stress through exercise is a good way of preventing many other health problems.

  • Keep Your Scalp Free from Sweat

Sweat can clog the pores on your scalp. It is therefore important to keep your scalp dry. Sweat also makes your hair greasy which further blocks air from reaching. Sweat also causes dandruff which is another reason why hair fall occurs.

Avoid Constant Heating of Hair

The use of hair styling products causes damage to your hair. Constant heating and drying your hair will weaken hair proteins and cause hair to fall off.

  • Watch Your Medication

Some medicines have an adverse effect on hair growth. This also causes hair to fall as medicine does not allow hair to grow in a healthy environment. People are prescribed with certain medicines that can become the culprit for falling hair.

  • Avoid Chemical Exposure

Hair follicles are not that strong and get weaker if they are exposed to chemicals. Hair colors contain harmful ingredients for your hair which damage the texture and cause them to fall off. It is better to avoid such products if you are struggling with hair loss.

Bottom Line

Hair fall is a stressful condition to deal with if it gets out of control. Home remedies have the power to prevent hair fall in early stages if there is no particular underlying cause for it.

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