Fried Food Consumption may Fatally Aggravate Gut related Disorders

To the utter dismay of fried food lovers, the findings of research conclude that the cooking technique of frying foods in vegetable oil has harmful effects on health. Fried food consumption has been playing a pivotal role in aggravating diseases in the human body.

It was the first effort of its kind where the researchers are investigating the impact of fried food consumption on diseases of the digestive system. Among the list of these digestive diseases, grave ones like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colon cancer were also present.

The study was lead by the UMass Amherst food scientists. The testing used animal models to investigate the effects of thermally processed oil on the gut and various diseases.

Jianan Zhang, lead author, and Ph.D. student lead the research team. Zhang worked in close collaboration with associate professor Guodong Zhang and professor and department head Eric Decker.

The study highlights that the consumption of oily foods to mice resulted in worsening the colonic inflammation. Additionally, it included elevated tumor growth and increased gut leakage. This leads to the spread of bacteria or toxic bacterial products into the bloodstream.

Jianan Zhang said; “People with colonic inflammation or colon cancer should be aware of this research.”

The main focus of the science lab of Guodong Zhang was on the medication of colon cancer and reducing the risk of development of IBD. He reported; “it’s not our message that frying oil can cause cancer.”

The study plan

The findings of the study disclosed that fried food consumption is highly linked with the aggravated various colon conditions.

As per Guodong Zhang; “In the United States, many people have these diseases, but many of them may still eat fast food and fried food,” he explained; “If somebody has IBD or colon cancer and they eat this kind of food, there is a chance it will make the diseases more aggressive.”

Investigators used a real-world sample of canola oil during experimentation. They proceeded with frying falafel at 325 F. T. Researchers used standard commercial fryer at an eatery in Amherst, Massachusetts for the frying process.

Jianan Zhang said; “Canola oil is used widely in America for frying,”

Mr. Decker who is an expert in lipid chemistry analyzed the oil. During the frying process, many chemical reactions take place in the oil composition. Decker determined the fatty acid profiles, level of free fatty acids and the oxidation state.

The researchers fed a combination of fresh oil and frying oil to one group of mice. Conversely, another group was set up as a control experiment in which mice were given fresh oil only. The mice fed on these oils via a powdered diet of mice.

Guodong Zhang says; “We tried to mimic the human being’s diet.”

The researchers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture emphasized on disclosing the effects of a fried-oil-rich diet on colonic inflammation, colon tumor growth, and gut leakage. They came up with the conclusions that the frying oil consumption has deleterious effects on all the conditions.

Guodong Zhang said; “The tumors doubled in size from the control group to the study group,”

From the frying oil, the complex compounds were isolated by the researchers and given to the mice, to determine their hypothesis that the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids on heating the oil is associated with the worsening of inflammations.


The research team concludes as results to be “very similar” to the results from trials giving involving frying oil to the mice.

There is a dire need for the researches to work hard to disclose the impact of frying oil on the body system and public health policies. Moreover, Guodong Zhang says “For individuals with or prone to inflammatory bowel disease,” He explained; “it’s probably a good idea to eat less fried food.”

Although fast food may taste delicious, anything that can worsen medical conditions in such a disastrous manner should be avoided. A healthy organic diet that does not involve additives and fried oils should be preferred as no food is worth human life.

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Adeena's professional life has been mostly in hospital management, while studying international business in college. Of course, she now covers topics for us in health.

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