Research Highlights the Importance of a Partner’s Passive Presence and How Social Support Reduces Pain

The Scandinavian Journal recently published research about the social effects of having a supportive partner. Social support reduces pain significantly which was highlighted in the experiment. The results were increased tolerance in the presence of a partner.

The experiment assessed 48 heterosexual couples. The study observed the pain sensitivity of each participant. The participants were tested alone and in the presence of their partners. The results showed higher pain thresholds of the participants in the presence of their partner. Lower sensory and higher tolerance also showed the positive effects of having a partner.

How Social Support Reduces Pain Threshold?

The results of the study clearly showed the direct relation of the partner’s empathy and pain tolerance. However, there is an inverse relation of a partner’s support with sensory pain. Partners experience less pain as a result of love and even constant pain stimuli do not affect them.

The trial tested how much pain can the partners take alone and in the presence of partners. The results showed that the presence of a partner increased pain tolerance from 2.5 kg to 2.8 kg. The presence of loving and supportive partners, therefore, has a good effect on how their partners feel.

Talking and being in contact can reduce pain significantly. However, a recent study shows the importance of the passive presence of a partner. The social support given by a romantic partner is useful. Moreover, Partner empathy is a therapy for the soul as it buffers distress. The passive presence of a supportive partner can have a positive effect on overall health as well.

Previously, studies reported that physical pain can be reduced through physical contact and even verbal support. However, the effect of the presence of the partner is now recent research. It was further noted that empathetic feedback from a partner can significantly reduce feelings of distress and depression. It helps the partner cope well from pain as pain sensitivity reduces.

Effects of Passive Presence of Partner

Another example of the passive presence of a partner explains it’s effects even more. The male partner’s presence in the delivery room can also increase the pain threshold of the female.

The presence of the partner signifies an emotional factor involved. This factor decides how much pain you can tolerate. The threshold increases when you have a partner nearby. This works for men and women. The feelings of distress are less dominant and the partners feel comfortable.

Delivery is the time when a woman needs constant support. This is the perfect example of how passive presence affects pain tolerance. The male partner can play a massive role in making their female partner calm with emotional feedback. The example proves the importance of having a partner in life.

This questions if single people suffer more than those having a partner. The research answers it saying that a partner has an ln impact on pain threshold and the way a person copes with pain.

Pain has less effect on you if you are mentally ready or empathized. This makes you able to bear much more pain than you can otherwise. The study proves how social support reduces pain and distress. Moreover, the presence of the partner can have a positive impact on coping from pain without having verbal of physical support.

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