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Safety Warnings Issued the FDA for Unsafe Dietary Supplements Containing Vinpocetine

The intake of the right nutrients is critical during pregnancy and childbearing age. A recent study has highlighted the risks of taking dietary supplements containing vinpocetine. The compound can harm the fetus or cause a miscarriage.

Supplements during pregnancy have gained importance over the past few decades. Men and women do not often get the nutrition from foods they eat nowadays which is causing infertility in many cases. But it is also important to avoid the intake of nutrients causing damage to the reproductive system.

Women are often unaware of what is safe and what is not safe for them when they get pregnant. Even women of childbearing age take harmful supplements as they are unaware.

Effects of Vinpocetine on Women

The findings of the study were reported to make women aware of what is not for them. Moreover, firms are advised to ensure the safety of customers before selling their products.

A woman’s body nourishes the growing baby in her womb which is why supplements are often needed to fulfill the need. However, many dietary supplements containing vinpocetine as the main ingredient should be evaluated for safety. These supplements are marketed with labels to enhance memory, increase focus and energy levels, and lose weight.

An experiment was conducted to declare the harmful effects of vinpocetine on pregnant animals. The results of the experiment showed that vinpocetine decreased fetal weight and harmed the pregnancy.

It should be noted that all supplements may not be safe during pregnancy. Therefore, it is always safe to check with your doctor. Also, know about the safety of whatever medicine or supplements you are planning to take beforehand. The safety and effectiveness of such drugs containing vinpocetine are not well studied.

Many studies have been conducted to know the safety of supplements taken during pregnancy. A study conducted by the FDA reported the use of vinpocetine dangerous for women of childbearing age. The compound is reported to have adverse effects on a woman’s reproductive system. Therefore, it is said to take care of what supplements or medicines you take.

Although not all women may need supplements if they are taking proper nutrition, it is necessary in most cases nowadays.

Why are Supplements Needed During Pregnancy?

The need for macronutrients increases during pregnancy whereas micronutrients are needed even more. Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are mostly taken through supplements nowadays. The regular diet does not provide sufficient nutrition which increases the need for supplements.

Various reasons are justified to take supplements while you are pregnant. Dietary restrictions can make your nutrient deficient. Moreover, smoking increases the need for vitamin C and folate.

Multiple pregnancies also need more nutrients to fulfill the need for babies. PA poor diet can never make your body sufficient of the nutrients it needs for the healthy development of the baby.

Safety Warnings Issued by the FDA

The food and drug administration has issued warnings against unsafe dietary supplements. The FDA prioritizes the health of the public and therefore has taken this major step against the sale of unsafe dietary supplements.

This has warned the industry for selling out their products their benefit. Also, they will evaluate the product’s labeling to ensure the supplements contain no harmful ingredients.

The industry of dietary supplements has grown rapidly over the past years. Almost all Americans take supplements regularly nowadays. One supplement is the norm for every American.

This is the reason why the FDA has decided to regulate its modern framework. The FDA will discourage the unlawful marketing of dietary supplements and strengthen its evaluation of drugs. It will further ensure the safety of food and drug supplies made to the public.

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