Vegan diet for 4 months is good for the gut microbiome

A new study has shown that following a vegan diet for 4 months is good for the gut microbiome. It can boost the gut microflora that ultimately leads to body weight and blood sugar management.

It is not necessary to stop eating meat for the rest of your life. However, shifting on a plant-based is significantly a better choice, according to the new research.

Dr. Hana Kahleova was the leader of the research team. Researchers selected 147 participants, randomly divided into 2 groups. One group consumed a low-fat vegan diet. The other group members made no changes to their diet.

After 4 months, researchers reported the observations of the vegan diet group. They observed a decrease in their body weight, fat mass, and visceral fat levels.

Dr. Kahleova said that the purpose of the research was to investigate the changes in gut microbiome based on plant-diet. However, it was surprising to see that the results were unexpectedly quick and profound.

She suggests eating more plant-based food. Plants contain more fiber which is good for the gut microflora.

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Composition of the gut microbiome

The gut microbiome consists of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Their healthy balance in gut promotes the health of the digestive tract, immune system, bowel movements, and various hormones.

Dr. Sharon Zarabi has explained the prominent trend of western diet includes a lot of processed foods. The consumption of such processed food changes the composition of the gut microflora.

As a result, different gut bacteria population gets disturbed that leads to various symptoms of GIT imbalance. The symptoms include those of irritable bowel syndrome, reduced immunity and often a proliferation of cancer cells.

Dr. Kristin Kirkpatrick told that the plant-based diet has a lot of proved benefits. The variety of antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fiber-rich foods leads to a healthy gut.

The study investigated the effects of the vegan diet on the gut microbiome. However, most dietitians suggest that it is not necessary to follow a strict vegan diet.

Vegan or vegetarian diet – which one is better?

Plant-based diet overall provides a lot of benefits to the gut and body.

Eating a plate full of diversified food including protein, fiber, and complex carbs increases the diversity of the microbiome.

A vegan-diet including high fiber foods from plant sources improves the gut microbiome. However, when we exclude all animal proteins, we basically limit the sources for protein intake.

The protein source in a vegan diet is majorly beans and some vegetables. However, if we consume refined grains and frozen dinners as a vegan diet, it becomes less beneficial.

Therefore, it is really important to keep track of what we eat to avoid any macro or micronutrient deficiency. People should consult their dietitians to help them start a new diet that is better for them.

It may appear difficult to shift from junk food trend to the lean protein sources and vegetables. However, it is not impossible.

It is important to look for the vegetables that provide prebiotics to the body. Prebiotics are the indigestible fiber on which probiotics feed. This promotes the growth and proliferation of healthy gut bacteria.

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