Amazon offers virtual health care to its employees

Now, Amazon offers virtual health care to its employees. Some employees and their families based in Seattle have gained access to a new app called Amazon Care. The app has provided users with access to contact health professional through texts and video chats.

Amazon has taken this step to decrease their internal health costs that are increasing due to health market growth.

Amazon is establishing a partnership with a Washington-based company named Oasis Medical Group.

The purpose is to provide telemedical services to the employees living in Seattle. However, the company aims to expand it to all employees. CNBC first reported the news about the Amazon Care app.

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The wide range of Amazon projects

Amazon projects are continually addressing the giant health care space. In the previous year, Amazon acquired PillPack which is an online pharmacy.

The PillPack, according to the website, reaches the customer within 2 weeks. But they also send medications on urgent bases through their first scheduled shipment.

In early 2019, Amazon got into partnership with six healthcare organizations interested in developing Alexa skills. They help in managing patient’s information.

The company is also working on the basis of its health insurance programs. For instance, last year, it made a group with JP Morgan (an old financial institution based in the United States) and Berkshire Hathaway.

They worked to make a new health care company for the employees of all three organizations. This worked to explicitly control increasing health care costs.

The telemedicine companies appreciated this announcement of Amazon which expected a real-time shift towards virtual services like Amazon Care.

Who has access to Amazon Care?

For a time being, only Amazon employees and their dependents have gained access to this app. Particularly those employees who have the approval for Amazon health plan and live in Seattle.

According to the programs frequently asked questions, if an employee meets the criteria, he can “request an invitation to join”. Individuals should have a cell phone with Android 6.0 or later or iOS 12.0 or later to use the app.

After signing up, the employees can make a video call as well as chat on the text to the clinician. They can get any suggestion and advice or receive their diagnosis through the app.

Even if a physician or a nurse finds a need for closer assessment, they can recommend the Mobile Care. The mobile care sends the nurse to an employee’s office, home or anywhere within the premises of Seattle.

The website states that the Mobile Care nurse can collect the samples as well as perform onsite tests. He/ she can administer vaccines and conduct physical examinations of the client as well.

However, the Mobile Care app does not provide any kind of emergency services. Its care services are available from 8 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 8 am to 6 pm on weekends.

Through the virtual health care system of the Amazon Care app, most prescriptions are sent to employees as per required. While other prescriptions are sent on the mentioned and preferred pharmacies for the pick-up.

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