Miranda Kerr Talks About her Some Strange Health Precautions and her Interview has Gone Viral

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel who has recently talked about some strange health precautionary measures she is taking to make herself and her home a safe place to live. In an interview conducted in May with New Beauty Magazine, Miranda Kerr talks about her health care routine.

Despite the fact, the interview was conducted in May; the news got its spark and made its way back, as said by the report of Page six on Tuesday.

Why Miranda Kerr is so conscious about her health?

Miranda Ker grew up in a small town where she was taught that “health was wealth”. She had spent her childhood in a small country town Gunnedah in Australia. She and her family were and still are very health conscious.

Miranda shares that her parents and grandparents taught her the importance of organic things and health. She tells how she at that time did not realize the fact that other people did not follow the same routine.

She explains how health became her passion and she continued her studies in New York. At New York, she studied a course at [the Institute for] Integrative Nutrition.

Miranda Kerr managed both modeling and her studies together. Later she became a certified health coach. She is still interested in health and is always engrossed in books to know more about health.

She says, “I’m still constantly reading books on health and wellness, and how the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. There’s always so much to learn.”

Miranda Kerr when met her husband who is a Co-creator of Snapchat – Evan Spiegel, she felt a spark because of the skincare.

She says in her interview, “I thought, ‘Oh, this guy is cute,” the 36-year-old recalls. “But, ‘Wow, his skin is flaky!’”

Spiegel, at that time, did not know Miranda is a supermodel as well as a Victoria’s Secret Angel’. He was also unaware of the fact that Miranda is the CEO of a beauty company.

For his flaky skin, Miranda recommended him Noni Glow Face Oil. She further tells that from then he has not left it and has become its Holy Grail product.

Miranda’s odd health precautions

Miranda Kerr talks about how she is all crazy about electromagnetic field detector and radiation stickers. She says she has electromagnetic field detectors (EMF) in her home. It picks up the radiations in the air. She has even made her home checked by a professional.

She has pasted stockers on her back of the phone which detects radiation. The supermodel also has a type of button through which she can switch off all her household items except the fridge and security cameras which may radiate harmful rays.

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Not only this, but she has Palo Santo plants in her home which has the potential to clear the unwanted energies. Miranda Kerr has also installed such filter that corrects the PH of her water. She tells how she has an alkaline filter and it corrects the PH of water because it is necessary for a stomach to have a small amount of acid for proper food metabolism.

These are definitely some extreme health precautions. Without these, a normal person can also stay healthy. However, maybe these things make her healthier than a normal person but this cannot be always the same case.

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Adeena's professional life has been mostly in hospital management, while studying international business in college. Of course, she now covers topics for us in health.

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