A new study disproves the risks of eating red meat

A new study disproves the risks of eating red meat. It states that the claims about the harms of consuming beef are inaccurate. It was previously thought that excess consumption of red meat leads to the colon, heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers.

This recent study has published its findings in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

Previous studies have concluded the impact of red meat consumption more often. They stated that when we consume less amount of red meat and processed meat products, we have less risk of heart diseases. They also reduce the risk of cancers and diabetes. However, these studied were observational. Therefore, their conclusions were only limited to the observations of the researchers.

The study has shaken the nutrition world

The study concludes that red meat consumption plays a role as a risk factor for diseases. However, it is significant for directly causing the disease. Reducing the consumption of red meat may only improve the risk to an extent.

This study has shaken the nutrition world with its findings. It has raised a bid debate just as when the concept that salt causes high blood pressure was debunked.

A recent essay published on Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests a further review of this study.

The letter states that this study is the primary example that we should look beyond the existing concepts and draw conclusions.

Christopher Gardner is a nutrition scientist at Stanford University, California. He said that the study has made him enraged as well as confused.

Dr. Frank Hu also commented that this matter is really very confusing. Particularly, when we consider the previous evidence regarding harm linked with red meat consumption.

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Understanding of the human body mysteries

Researchers claim that we have just begun to understand how the human body works. We currently think that we know everything in this respect. That we understand the problems and we know how to fix them all.

However, the actual phenomenon holds a whole new ground beyond our current understanding.

We know that many foods provide us a certain amount of energy. They also protect us from diseases and their complications.

However, we just have observational evidence about the things and particularly foods that harm us. As a scientist, we are understanding life at the level of a cell. But how our body works at the sub-cellular level is a whole different mysterious ground of science.

Anyhow, it is a fact that red meat contains fat. Fat consumption in excess contributes to heart diseases. Thus, cutting down this particular meat consumption also cuts down the intake of fat.

People on low-salt and low-meat diets can eat red meat on an occasional basis. However, eating certainly larger amounts of red meat may pose the risk of complications to heart patients.

Thus, the key that we should adopt is to eat every kind of healthy food in moderation, including red meat. But the heart patients must consult their dietitians to help them recognize which food in what quantity can benefit or harm them.

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