Transgender can choose now whether they want treatment in male or female ward

The NHS states that transgender can choose now whether they want treatment in the male or female ward. They have this right even without undergoing sex reassignment surgery. According to the new NHS England guidelines, the hospital staff will admit transgender on the basis of how they look, and how they dress. The staff will also consider the name the transgender live with.

This defines the bathing and toilet facilities for them in the hospital in a single-sex ward.

NHS England defends transgender. It states that transgender should not be denied for giving ward space due to their genital characteristics or breast appearance.

However, the NHS document namely “Delivering Same-Sex Accommodation”, specified that pre-operative transgender should not use shared open shower facilities.

Options for transgender and non-binary patients

The hospital staff will ask non-binary patients (people who identify themselves as neither male nor female) carefully about their preferences. The staff will give these patients the choice of the ward they want to get the treatment in.

The guidelines added that both trans people and non-binary individuals can become pregnant. Therefore, the staff should give them maternity services with dignity.

The NHS guidelines summarized that the clinical responses in a good practice should be patient-focused, respect and flexible. Not for males or females only but for trans people as well.

These guidelines, however, have raised a huge storm of debate. The transgender community is supporting them as their rights while the critics are calling it a smashing of patients’ privacy.

Dr. Jane Hamlin is the president of The Beaumont Society. Jane commented that the organization has developed very carefully. It is very clear, sensible and encouraging.

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The point of view of the critics of the policy

David Davies, a Member of Parliament for Monmouth, said that the drive may result in unwanted effects. The patients who are physically male may get placement in the female ward.

Nobody wants to discriminate trans people in any way. However, admitting people who are male physically in close proximity to women facing private medical events is unfair.

Similarly, Dr. Nicola Williams from Fair Play for Women said that the news is shocking. It means that it can harm the privacy and dignity of women.

However, the NHS spokesperson said that our purpose is to provide all patients with effective physical and mental treatment. Moreover, we are here to support them while they are in hospital care.

The spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care said that they are looking closely at NHS for considering findings of the review.

The NHS is also investigating the issues of hormone-blocking drugs and medications trans adolescents use. These drugs pause the phase of adolescence and prevent physiological changes to their bodies like breasts, facial hair, etc.

Similarly, trans children are also given these drugs even under the age of 10 years. These drugs can cause adverse emotional or mental effects in these children as well as affect their bodies. However, the consequences of the used drugs are not known yet.

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