Food Babe’s Trending Posts Show Shocking Differences Between the UK And US Foods


Trending posts of Food Babe show some shocking differences between ingredients used in UK and US foods. The food products need to satisfy the taste of the consumers. So, the food products sold in different countries have different ingredients.

United Kingdom offers healthier meals compared to the U.S

The difference in the ingredients of food in each country is something that doesn’t bother people until they go abroad. And this fact is particularly more prominent when going to America from the United Kingdom and vice versa.

Vani Hari, also known as Food Babe, is an American author. She has noticed some shocking differences in the ingredients used in the food products from the United States and the United Kingdom. She said that if a person is living in America and orders French fries at McDonald’s, he may have gotten more than vegetable oil and salt in his fries.

In the United Kingdom, Quaker instant oatmeal is healthier as a breakfast meal. And overall, food products offered in the United Kingdom are more beneficial and healthier in contrast to their American counterparts. But currently, the major concern is that if the differences in ingredients affecting the health of Americans.

Kacey Birch is a Facebook user. She has shared Vani Hari’s post related to the shocking differences in food ingredients in different countries. Whereas, her post became viral, with nearly 8,500 likes, 6,200 comments, and 128,000 shares.

Need to avoid the use of cheap and unhealthy ingredients

Food Babe has performed research regarding this issue. And has talked about her shocking discovery. She found that Europe, in general, takes a precautionary principle when it comes to food additives that may be risky when used. It immediately adds warning labels and can even ban food additives.

On the contrary, Americans do not take any step forward to remove food additives from the supply chain until they are proven harmful. Whereas, it may take years to collect such evidence because a consumer needs to use as many additives as he can before the effects start appearing.

Food babe has also noted that in the U.S., many companies try to use cheaper ingredients, as much as they can. Moreover, they have no concern about how unhealthy and dangerous these ingredients are. And unfortunately, such cheap food ingredients can affect the health of the consumers.

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According to statistical data, America spends almost three times more on healthcare as compared to any other country. And among the 16 developed countries, it has the highest rate of obesity.

The latest study has also shown that about 2/3rd of the Americans are overweight. While 18% of the total population have obesity. Additionally, besides smoking, obesity is the biggest reason for premature death in the United States.

One of the main causes of these statistical results is the so-called American diet. This diet is full of unhealthy food ingredients that aren’t used up to the same level in other countries. In short, food in America is loaded with sugar, salt, butter, and synthetic derivatives.

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