Survey Reveals that 25% of Americans Have Never Consumed Vegetables

A survey by a frozen food company has revealed that 25% of Americans have never eaten vegetables. Whereas, the purpose of this survey was to get information about the favorite and the least favorite vegetables of the American people.

What’s holding the Americans from eating vegetables

In May, the research team OnePoll conducted a survey of 2000 adults on behalf of Dr. Praeger’s. Its findings suggested that only 36 % (1/3rd) of the daily meals were actually including a vegetable.

72% of the survey participants said that they wanted to eat more vegetables. On the contrary, 67 % of them stated feeling guilty after the failure to eat vegetables with a meal.

25 % of the Americans stated both that vegetables were way too expensive for them and always rot before the participants could get a chance to eat them. Besides this, 24 % of the respondents have also said that they didn’t have convenient access to buying vegetables.

Whereas, 19 % stated that they didn’t have any idea about the proper cooking of the vegetables. In her statement, Dr. Praeger’s – chief executive Larry Praeger has said that “Most of us already know they should be eating more vegetables”.

Where more and more people are moving towards plant-based diets, there’s still a long way for reaching recommended consumption levels. This survey was organized to manage the company’s Veggie Tracker website.

According to Mr. Praeger eating veggies is supposed to be fun and rewarding. So, the company created Veggie Tracker. That was built to provide people with free tools and resources. That as a result, will make the Americans fall in love with vegetables and build eating habits that last throughout life.

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The most liked and disliked vegetables

25% of Americans Have Never Consumed Vegetables. While talking about veggies, the corn was crowned as America’s favorite veggie as 91.4 % of the respondents said that they liked it. Potato competed with corn as a favorite dish with a liking of 91.2 % by the Americans.

On the other hand, 89 % liked carrots. Both green beans and onions scored 87 %. But broccoli had barely reached the top 10, with a number eight position and approval of 85 % surveyed people. Peas and cabbage had 83 % and 84 % respectively.

In contrast, 27 % of the respondents responded that they disliked turnip, making it the most hated veggie. The turnip was further followed by beets on 26 %, radishes on 23 % and brussels sprouts on 21 %. Moreover, eggplant, artichoke, and butternut squash have also got an equal 5th place with 20% disliking for each.

Mushrooms and Zucchini scored 18 % and asparagus barely made to top 10 with having a disliking by 16 % respondents. Last month, a mum in the UK revealed that her 18 years old son had gone blind as he ate nothing but junk food since the age of two.

Earlier this year, a survey was also conducted on 22,000 Australian adults. It revealed that less than half of the respondents were meeting their recommended daily fruit intake. While only 8 % met their recommended daily intake of vegetables.

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