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This Life-Changing Diet Plan Helped A Man Losing 170 lbs. of Weight

In a trending post on the internet, a man has revealed how a life-changing diet plan helped him in losing 170 lbs. of weight. Ethan shared on Reddit that it is still hard for him to believe the transformation he has gone through. And incredibly lost 170 lbs. of weight in 14 months.

While commenting on his recent post, Ethan stated that he keeps thinking that he is going to wake up and still weigh more than 400 lbs. He has disclosed to his online followers that he lost weight by including light exercise into his daily life and replacing his diet with a more balanced one.

Keto diet responsible for this impressive weight loss

Ethan said that the keto diet deserves credit for his incredible weight loss. In his post on Reddit, he has also revealed his diet process. He said that he takes one meal a day (OMAD) and aims for 1650 – 1850 calories per day. The carbohydrates contribute to 20% of these calories. While the remaining calories consist of 180 – 200 grams of proteins and the rest fats.

He said that the key for him is carefully monitored calorie deficit, working out with restraint bands to muscle failure in a fasted state, seating foods super high in protein, and doing OMAD. Moreover, he has also advised others to take their time and slowly introduce exercise into their daily life. All a person needs to do is 10 minutes of high resistance bands every morning except Sundays.

Ethan has also advised to take Sunday for rest and rewarding oneself with focus and determination. In his post, he has claimed that the keto diet has helped him in reclaiming his life. And along with losing 170 lbs. of weight, he has also managed to gain several other benefits using this diet.

In a separate post, he revealed that he no longer had diabetes and had also reversed the effects of fatty liver disease along with the reduction of asthma. Ethan has revealed that he has used the OMAD approach to reach ketosis.

He ate a steak (for assuring a deep state of ketosis), a few ounces of mozzarella, very little carbs in a pound of filet mignon dripping with butter, and some eggs. Ethan has also told that his end goal is to lose 200 lbs. instead of losing 170 lbs. of weight. Currently, the keto diet has become widely popular. And ranked as one of the most googled diets on the web.

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Ketosis and Ketogenic diet

In normal situations, a person’s body cells use glucose as a prime source of energy. That is mainly derived from carbohydrates in the diet. The carbohydrates in diet may include starchy foods like bread and pasta or sugar – such as in milk, yogurt, and fruits.

In case if the glucose supply isn’t enough for energy, the body will burn stored fats. That, in result, will lead to ketone build-up – ketosis within the body. Some people also encourage ketosis by following a low-carb, high fat, or ketogenic diet.

Some diets work to create a state of ketosis and facilitate weight loss. Keto diet includes nearly 75% of the calories obtained from fats. On the contrary, proteins and carbohydrates contribute to only 20 and 5% of the calories. However, still, the keto diet has the biggest credit in losing 160 lbs. of weight.


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