Nuneaton and Bedworth Have Banned the Opening of Takeaways Near Schools

The opening of takeaways near schools is to be banned in Nuneaton and Bedworth. These two towns have prohibited the takeaways within a ten-minute walk of all secondary schools. And have done so in an attempt to tackle the area’s notorious health problems.

Reason for proposing such a policy

In accordance with the future planning proposal, Nuneaton and Bedworth will not allow the opening of takeaways within 400 meters of the secondary schools. Increasing obesity issues among the younger generation of these two areas have led to this decision.

A report presented by Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council states that the borough has some of the highest childhood obesity rates in the country. Moreover, the adults in the two towns are also not off the hook. That may be due to the significantly higher proportion of obese and overweight adults in the borough than the average for England.

The surprising facts about the health of the area’s population are present within Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s new Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). That is named as “Planning for a Healthier Area – Hot Food Takeaways”.

In the areas of Nuneaton and Bedworth, obesity is increasing year on year. Even according to the document Bedworth and Nuneaton have the highest rates of childhood obesity in the county. Whereas, per year increase in the rate of obesity reflects the trend on the national level. Thus, there’s a need for interference to prevent the levels from increasing throughout adult life.

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Adults in Nuneaton and Bedworth are also at risk

It’s not just the young people who are at risk due to the opening of takeaways. But Bedworth and Nuneaton are also known for their health problems among adults. Most recently available data shows that the number of overweight and obese adults is quite greater in these two towns than the average for England.

Moreover, the 2018’s estimated diagnosis rate for diabetes in the borough is also statistically considerably higher than England. That is 85.5 % in contrast to 78 % nationally. On the contrary, the borough’s average life expectancy is quite lower than the national average for both females and males.

On top of this, the borough carries on having the highest deprivation levels in Warwickshire. While nearly six areas within the borough are ranked among the top 10 deprived Lower Super Output Areas nationally.

Beneath the SPD, there will be no opening of new hot food takeaway within a 400-meter radius of an existing secondary school or from sixth to college. However, this policy will not apply when it overlaps within a local center or town.

The goal behind the proposal of food takeaway policy in the borough’s local plan is to reduce the student’s access to unhealthy food options. These foods specifically involve Hot Food Takeaways (HFT), as they tend to cluster around the school.  The SPD – “Planning for a Healthier Area – Hot Food Takeaways” is one of the several discussions by the council. And is a part of a wider approach to tackle obesity within the borough.


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