World Food Day 2019, A Step to Promote Healthy Eating and Reduce Starvation

Every year, World Food Day is celebrated on the 16th of October. The main goal for this celebration is to bring to focus that food is one of the basic human rights. It aims at creating worldwide awareness for those who are unable to afford meals. And hence are suffering from severe malnutrition.

The theme for the World Food Day 2019

In November 1979, at the 20th general conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the member countries of this organization established World Food Day. And called for the observance of this day on October 16, 1981.

The United Nations general assembly gave approval for this decision on December 5, 1980. And advised local, government, national, and international organizations to play a role in the celebrations of the World Food Day. World Food Day is organized every year since 1981.

The theme for this year is that “Our actions are our future. Healthy diets for a #ZeroHunger world.” The data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) shows that globally nearly 820 million people are suffering from hunger. Globalization has led to a change in eating habits. So, the focus of this year’s food day is to tackle global hunger.

The observation has shown a shift in eating habits. The people are taking more refined starches, sugars, salts, fats, and processed meats, etc. instead of the fiber-rich, seasonal, and plant-based foods. Moreover, in urban areas, people are spending less time on meal preparation as they mostly rely on ready-to-eat foods, supermarkets, street food, and fast food, etc.

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Why a healthy diet is important?

Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets have caused an increase in the rate of obesity among developed and low-income countries. According to FAO, 670 million adults, 120 million boys and girls with age 5 – 18 years are obese. Whereas 40 million children with an age less than 5 are overweight.

On World Food Day, various events are held that focus on the attention to the food supply. Some universities and UN organizations also organize conferences, symposia, workshops, and presentations on topics like food security, production, and distribution.

A healthy diet is the one that meets the nutritional requirements of people. It provides safe, sufficient, diverse, and nutritious foods to the people. And as a result, it helps them in leading a good life by reducing the risk of diseases. On the contrary, a person can’t ignore the fact that at times the nutritious diet is costly and isn’t affordable by many people.

The combination of a healthy weight and good nutrition lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. Healthy eating will provide the body with nutrients and help in remaining active, healthy, and strong. Along with a healthy diet, physical activity also plays an important role in healthy living.

FAO is a United Nations Agency that works to defeat hunger via international efforts. FAO aims to attain food security for everyone. And ensures that people have access to enough and high-quality food to lead healthy and active lives.



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