Edible Pasta Straws are the newest trend this year

Edible pasta straws are one of the most famous trends this year to replace plastic straws. The whole world is trying to limit plastic use since it doesn’t decompose easily. Every year eight million metric tons of plastic end up in oceans, which severely harms the sea life. To make an effort on an individual level, many local eateries and organizations are switching plastic straws with alternatives.

India has declared a ban on using plastic and people are happy to switch to leaves and bamboo for cutlery. It’s not just India, many other countries are also working for the same cause.

KFC and Pizza Hut India are using paper straws, completely avoiding plastic straws to reduce plastic waste. Another alternative to plastic straw is the metal straw that anyone can carry with them and reuse whenever he wants. Although it is a little late to make all these efforts now but still controlling plastic waste is the right thing. It is a good sign that big brands are taking individual initiatives to ditch plastic waste and promoting bio-degradable materials.

Local and international eateries ban plastic straws

In Italy, many bars are replacing the actual plastic straws with pasta straws. This is probably the best alternative for straws that is edible and produces no waste. This is next to come up with finding an alternative for plastic cups. However, right now the world needs one step at a time.

There is this famous company called Stroodles that is commercially producing pasta straws and delivering it to the whole world. The website says that these pasta straws can live up to one hour. They are tasteless, either you can eat them or leave them in kitchen waste.

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Companies selling pasta straws online

A London based store Stroodles and one Malibu-based store The Amazing Pasta Straw are selling their pasta straws for more than a year. Both these companies are basically using straight, tubular bucatini pasta. It is just like the regular pasta that comes from Italy. These brands are supplying pasta straws to many local recusants, cafes, and bars.

Why should you try pasta straws?

The following are a few reasons that can help you to understand, why pasta straws are a good alternative to plastic straws.

  1. It decomposes easily in only one day. This time is even less than the paper that typically requires at least one month to fully decompose. Plastic, on the other hand, takes forever to degrade.
  2. Pasta straws are usable in multiple types of cold drinks, shakes, juices, and chillers.
  3. There is to the particular taste of pasta straws, therefore, it has no effect on your taste buds or the taste of drink which you want to enjoy.
  4. These pasta straws and edible and suitable for vegan people
  5. It is prepared in Italy from the authentic pasta makers. They only use water and durum wheat semolina to prepare these straws.

Additional information

Stroodles currently supplies straws in Europe, while The Amazing Pasta Straw only accepts orders in quantities over 1,000. You can purchase them through Amazon. You may also find more companies selling similar products online that deliver to your doorstep or restaurant.


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