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Experts Have Issued A Warning About the Use of This Drink in Weight Loss Diet

Many people consume apple cider in a weight loss diet. They think that apple cider can help in the fast burning of the fats. But an expert has issued an important warning regarding its use.

How apple cider affects the weight loss mechanism?

There are a number of ways available for losing weight. However, some things have the ability to speed up this process. People may wish to lose weight for a number of reasons, such as to improve health or lose weight.

While doing this, exercising more, and changing dietary habits may be the best way to get results. Apple cider is a drink, considered as a weight loss diet. It is believed that taking apple cider will speed up the fat loss process and facilitate individuals to get into shape.

How does apple cider help in weight loss? An expert has given an important warning on this matter. Some studies have shown that even adding a small amount of apple cider into the diet plan can speed the fat burning mechanism.

One study including 175 obese people has shown that having the condiment daily can lead to weight loss and reduction of body fat. The people consuming even one tbsp. per day showed an extra 2.6 lbs. weight loss during the three-month test. On the contrary, weight loss was 3.7 lbs. in those who were taking 2 tbsp.

Research shows that having apple cider as a weight loss diet has helped people feel satiated. That means such individuals are less likely to eat too much later in the day. While, having the drink, a dieter can opt to take the tbsp. neat or soften the taste by mixing it with lemon and water.

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Following a structured diet plan is necessary for weight loss

Harry Smith is a nutritionist and personal trainer. While, speaking to Express.co.uk, he has explained the potential benefits of the drink. He stated that there is a line of thought that apple cider vinegar can promote the health of an individual.

And it can do so by improving blood triglyceride profiles and reducing body fat. Moreover, reduced insulin response after meals can also improve health. But there is not much solid evidence regarding this issue.

Smith has released an important warning to those who hope to have this drink. Additionally, he has also stated that it may not be like it seems. As the substantial scientific evidence isn’t backing any of these claims. At best, there is only some weak evidence.

The effects of apple cider on health are largely insignificant. That is just like a single drop of rain in the sea and isn’t much noticeable. While trying to fully change the diet, dieters can follow a structured diet plan to start the journey of weight loss.

Among the diet plans thought to burn fat, a popular diet is high fat keto or the low-carb diet. In ketogenesis, a dieter can get into shape by taking less than 25 g of net carbs daily and enter into ketosis – a fat-burning state.

A combination of a diet plan with exercise can improve results, but some workouts give better results than the other one. Running, playing rugby, or squash can burn about 1000 calories in one hour.


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