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Comedian Jimmy Carr Slims Down Using This Simple Diet Plan

Jimmy Carr has lost weight using a simple diet plan. Jimmy Carr, aged 47, is a television presenter and an English comedian. In recent years he has slimmed down and left others thinking that is he using any kind of diet plan?

Intermittent fasting and weight loss

Comedian Jimmy Carr is well known for hosting some panel shows. That includes The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and 8 Out of 10 Cats. He has also become famous and made his name by his distinctive dark sense of humor and by performing in stand-up comedy shows.

The Internet and social media are full of advice and suggestions for losing weight. Nowadays, every other person is looking for a way to lose weight. So, the weight loss transformation of Jimmy Carry has also spiked interest in the dieters who are curious about the diet he has used for losing weight.

The comedian is going through this weight loss transformation since he began his career. Upon asking, he credited this major change to a simple diet plan. He said that he had reportedly adopted intermittent fasting. That has helped him get into the shape.

Speaking about the past, he revealed about following an intermittent fasting diet plan. The people on this plan focus more on the number of times they eat, instead of extremely cutting back on different food groups.

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How to follow an intermittent fasting diet plan?

A popular form of this simple diet plan allows the dieters to eat all their daily meals within a period of eight hours. On the contrary, these dieters will fast for the remaining sixteen hours. Some people will adopt a more drastic approach, allowing themselves to eat just once per day.

So, they will take all of their calories in just one sitting. Jimmy has spoken out about how he followed the plan. He said that he stopped eating any food after six in the evening. By making this simple modification, he managed to improve his figure without making too much change in his food intake or exercise plan.

He added that he was eating very late, mostly after his shows. Moreover, he also said that if a person working at night stops eating and then just have big lunches, it is good. If a person doesn’t eat after six in the evening, he will get fine over weeks. And then, even if sometimes he goes out for dinner, it’s a treat and is nice.


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