Australia’s Digital Mental Health Project is All Set for New Trials After Winning Grant

Mental health is one of the fastest-growing health challenges all over the world. Recently the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt MP shares mental health to be Australia’s biggest problem. That is why the Brain and Mind Centre (University of Sydney) and Bupa are to launch a digital mental health project via InnoWell platform.

Patients to receive an accessible healthcare

This new project called Best Care, First Time is led by Professor Ian Hickie and the Youth Mental Health and Technology Team from the Brain and Mind Centre. It is a youth-focused technological avenue that primarily relies on research for its efficacy.

This project is launched today at the Brain and Mind Centre, in collaboration with Bupa Health Foundation. This digital mental health project targets patients to receive better coordination of healthcare facilities.

This new phase of the study, it will investigate how the Australian Government supports technology-based health solutions. For this project, InnoWell is delivering this technology as a joint venture between the Brain and Mind Centre (University of Sydney) and Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia.

It aims to provide highly personalized care in all types of clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries. Also, it includes both public and private services. Typically, people find it extremely difficult to access the healthcare that they want despite investing a huge amount in services. This new system will meet their needs and satisfy them in the fastest way.

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The first-ever digital system in Australia

Hickie shares that mental health is a “historically poorly-funded” and “under-researched” area. But now in this project, the researchers will use an evidence-based approach to provide a super integration system of personal care that includes mental health too.

Mental health is a channeling that requires easy and accessible actions. Despite a huge sum of investment in health services, still many people can not access everything that they need. This new project “Best Care, First Time will explore the use of technology to make health services easier and more accessible for people. It is particularly helpful for people with emerging mental health or psychotic disorders that need immediate care.

The project is using digital technology which is the first time ever any system is using a continuous circle of care in Australia. Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, welcomes this new project and expects it to bring greater benefits for the future.


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