Australian Man Got a Chunk Of Flesh Removed From Neck Due To Skin Cancer

Earlier this week, An Australian man had to get a huge chunk of flesh removed from his neck due to skin cancer. It is making all sun lovers worry about their skin and get it checked as soon as possible.

Multiple biopsies and surgeries worked to eradicate cancer

Ryan Glossop, 37, from Perth (Australia) was having a freckle like a thing on his skin. Later on, he was diagnosed with Melanoma, skin cancer. Later on, he had a number of surgeries but his tests keep coming back showing abnormality. Ultimately the doctors decided to remove a huge part of his neck and back.

They removed a strip of skin of 40cm long and 8cm wide. They grafted skin from Ryan’s legs to cover the wound of the neck. The purpose of sharing his story is to spread awareness of how a simple looking freckle can be as dangerous as cancer.

The doctors now advise all sunbathers to take cancer tests. Initially, Ryan’s friend convinced him to take medical help and now he wants to motivate other people to undergo the surgery. This way the cancer risk will reduce to a minimum level.

Ryan feels he was lucky to get a cancer diagnosis on time. However, many people may not be this lucky. Going through the surgery at first was scary but after grafting, it is a lot better. It’s just a few scars that remain but cancer ends completely.

After a total of 40 biopsies of his neck and back and then four surgeries, Ryan is now cancer-free. Normally with any skin cancers, the surgeons remove

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Affected area and boundary around it as well. But Ryan’s boundaries were coming back again and again abnormally, which was a concern. This represents a condition Nevus Spilus that is extremely rare. Whole this phase was extremely challenging and hard. But the good thing is the healthy outcome of all this. That is why more people need to know about the dangers of skin cancer and how important is its timely diagnosis. Melanoma makes up to 10 percent of all skin cancers. So everyone should get regular skin checkups.

Common symptoms of skin cancer

It is necessary to look for any changes in your skin and talk to the doctor as soon as possible. Any new thing i.e. growth, sore, pigmentation or anything could be a symptom of melanoma.

The only sign of melanoma is “change in skin” which could be anything. Note that not all skin cancer have the same symptoms.
Centre for disease and control and prevention shares a simple way to remember common signs of melanoma as

the A-B-C-D-Es of melanoma


A means the asymmetrical shape of mole or skin spot

B means border, if it is defined or not

C means color, if it has one same shade or uneven coloration

D means diameter, how big is the spot or mole.

E means evolving if it is showing any changes or not.

CDC advises people to consult a doctor if they see a difference in their skin via A-B-C-D-Es of melanoma.



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