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Burgeen Heavy Periods Turned Out to be a Rare Type of Cervical Cancer

Burgeen, a young girl from the UK and her doctors’ initially misunderstood her heavy periods as a hormonal one, although, it was a huge mass of growing cervical tumor in her.

The tumor had a length of 12 cm. She was initially quite devastated at the sight but quickly took control over her emotions.

It all began in September when she started having irregular periods and extreme pain in her stomach. The pain was so severe that she was not able to even walk and do normal chores.

How important is it to consult a doctor initially?

It was due to doctors’ dismissal that Burgeen had to go to this chronic stage of this fatal disease. It is important that the doctors realize how important each second is for everyone. Diagnosing the conditions initially would help them recover better and fight more easily.

Burgeen’s journey to fight back cancer was a difficult one. It was in April when she passed a large clot of blood and doctors took the matter seriously. The clot was as large as a baby. She says, “It was almost as if I gave birth to it, it was so big.”

The blood clot was a piece broken from the tumor, which quickly grew on her cervix. She was then diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. Rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare type of cervical cancer that grows on soft tissues.

By going through five chemotherapy sessions, Burgeen is now cancer-free. It was definitely a very difficult start definitely, but Burgeen had enough courage to fight the odds back.

As soon as she sent the picture of the clot to the doctor, he was alarmed and carried out an internal diagnosis. The doctor did not expect this to happen.

Jenny, the mother of Burgeen, said, “The doctor was extremely surprised Megan had gone so long without some kind of internal examination. “

It was obvious that she had to go under chemotherapies and hysterectomy and lose her hair. It was a victory for Jenny and Burgeen both to face this situation. Burgeen was quite annoyed by the doctors’ dismissal of her manifestations being the simple hormonal symptoms.

Burgeen said, “When I finally got a diagnosis, it was like I didn’t have to worry about not being listened to anymore.”

How Positive thinking helped her come over cancer?

Burgeen was being optimistic about life as she went through all the chemotherapies and became a cancer survivor.

Burgeen began her cancer-fighting journey in April. Her chemotherapies session started in April this year with a hysterectomy last month.

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Doctors were also quite supportive and left a few eggs for Burgeen to later become the biological mother through surgery.

She said, “At first I was upset about the fact I’d lose my hair and not be able to carry children, but in the end, I just ended up looking at the positives like the fact I can be alive to watch my hair grow back and have kids through surrogacy.”

Although she was quite frustrated at the start as doctors ignored her symptoms and she had to go through such fatal processes, she did not lose hope and fought like a true cancer fighter.

She, by sharing her fighting journey with cancer, explains to people how important it is to think positive and work positively.

“It made it easier for me to accept it all and realize that it wasn’t the end of the world for me.” Burgeen was quick to realize and face reality.

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