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Jade Devis, a Breast Cancer Survivor who gave Birth to a Baby in July 2019

Jade Devis, a cancer survivor who gave birth to her son Bradley in July 2019 has to continue her treatment until the end of November.

Devis, aged 36, soon after hearing the good news in December 2018 of her pregnancy had to go under a series of chemotherapies. It is the first time ever reported that the fetus together with his mother  Jade Devis had to pass through the chemotherapies after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jade Devis says, “I felt trapped. The only way out was to do the one thing that I thought I wasn’t supposed to do, which is to put my baby in harm’s way. She recalls how tragic and painful the option was given to her.

“You normally think they’re safe in your belly, but in my case, he wasn’t.” She was guilty and confused about what to do next as Devis was putting her baby in danger.

Only a few months had passed when she was given good news, she found a clear bump sticking out from her breast. Devis, from Rancho Cucamonga, California, was forced to put her life and her baby at risk.

She had a normal pregnancy in the beginning; it was in February when she noticed a large oval bump emerging on her chest, just above her left breast while she was resting. The tumor was quite hard and painful, describes Devis.

Initially, her doctor asked her for a normal 6 follow up the month as they diagnosed it as a blocked milk duct, however,  Jade Devis insisted on a biopsy.

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She says, “I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t ask for that biopsy. Had I followed the doctor’s recommendations, I would be dead. It was such an aggressive tumor.”

A lumpectomy was done in which 10 lymph nodes were removed together with a large tumor. She was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer.

The next step was a series of chemotherapies. Jade suggested that she should first prioritize her health and terminate her pregnancy, but she refused to do so. She describes the scene, “I wasn’t going to let anybody tell me his fate. I was going to do everything I could to save the baby. I wasn’t going to let the disease take the baby from me.”

Dr. Gayathri from Loma Linda University Cancer Centre talks about how it is very rare to find pregnant breast cancer women.

The oncologist speaks about how important it is to go under chemotherapy after the surgery. It is not safe to go during the first trimester when the essential organs of the fetus are forming. Some drugs can be given during the second or third trimester.

Dr. Gayathri Nagraj explains that with risks, benefits are also associated with it. A port was installed in her chest, for administrating drugs to her chest when her pregnancy was 25 weeks old. Before giving birth to a healthy 6-pound baby, she went through three rounds of chemotherapy.

She says, “I felt like I’ve been holding my breath the entire time when he was trapped in my belly and I had to go to chemo. I’m just happy he’s out of my belly. He’s safe now.”

Bradley is currently 14 pounds in good health; however, Devis is still worried about his health as there are chances of autism and other health issues. She will have to go through chemotherapy sessions until the end of November with a combination of new drugs to avoid any further stress.

Devis had a complete body scan after giving birth to Bradley, and can now be said to be cancer-free. Nagraj said, “She’s doing great. We’re proud of how she handled everything.

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