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CVS Pharmacy Opens Its First-ever Standalone Store in Oregon

CVS Pharmacy that is the retail division of CVS Health has opened its first-ever standalone store in Oregon today. This store is located at 13th Ave in Portland; CVS Pharmacy’s next store is also all set to open in 2020.

CVS Pharmacy is US’s top retail pharmacy that covers more than 9,900 locations. This is the first pharmacy, which put the sale of tobacco at a complete end, and it has also received the Community Pharmacy accreditation from URAC. URAC is one of the leading healthcare accreditation organizations that check for maintaining the quality standards and awards accreditation.

This first retail store would serve the Portland community by providing them with the best quality medicines, supplements and beauty products, and services. Kevin Hourican, EVP, CVS Health & President at CVS Pharmacy says that the “purpose of this company is to help people on their path to better health”.

This entry of CVS Pharmacy to the Portland market shows the company’s commitment to help and improve the health services facilities for all the communities. CVS Health has also announced to grant $15,000 to the Northeast Community Health Center. This is a non-profit clinic that provides the best quality healthcare facilities to low-income households in Portland. This grant will be mainly used on primary care and disease screening services for the people.

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CVS Pharmacy is the first and only retail pharmacy that has ended selling tobacco since 2014, it is now focused on providing health, beauty and self-care products. This new Portland store will offer the following to all its customers.

Superior quality medicines

Using modern and innovative tools and services, CVS Pharmacy will help to manage the health of all its customers even better. It will provide access to start and stay on a prescription through an app. This app will notify the users when their medicines are ready and need to be picked up. It also allows digital refills, medical history and scans to refill feature that makes access to world-class medicines easier.

Availability of new products

CVS Pharmacy is a trusted name when it comes to finding the latest medicines. It has recently introduced more than 300 new products that include self-care and proactive wellness groupings for example nutrition, cognitive, mood and sleeping aid to help people even more. It also contains a wide variety of supplements and vitamins that increase its target audience even more.

Availability of premium cosmetic and skincare lines

It will be selling only high-quality cosmetics and skincare products. In 2017 the company stopped selling all sun care products that had SPF lower than 15. It has also launched its Beauty Mark initiative to ensure transparency in the beauty industry making the customers choose authentic products.

Better-For-You food products

CVS Pharmacy has carefully selected “better-for-you” brands that focus on healthier eating at an affordable price. In 2017, CVS Pharmacy removed selling artificial trans fats products and it is now committed to provide better-for-you foods offered at all nationwide stores. These foods include gluten-free, USDA organic, allergen-free, plant-based foods and much more.

The “ExtraCare” Rewards program

CVS Pharmacy offers a rewards program having more than 77 million active members in the US. It provides all its members with an ExtraCare card, that allows them to enjoy special offers, coupons that save the cost of the CVS products. It has easy paper-free options such as in-app manufacturer coupons and digital receipts in an attempt to make environment-friendly decisions.

“CarePass” membership program

It also offers a paid membership program that takes care of its members and their family’s health. It is a loyalty program that offers free nationwide delivery with only $5 a month with a 20% discount on selected CVS Health brand products and an active 24/7 pharmacist helpline to help if needed.


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