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How to Relieve Back Pain Without Using Opioids, Reveals A Renown Spine Surgeon

Thomas J. Kleeman, a world-renown spine surgeon, reveals how to get rid of back pain without taking opioids. He has given 7 drug-free techniques to reduce back pain in his book “Release Yourself From Back Pain Without Opioids”.

Back pain and the opioid crisis

Back pain influences more people in the U.S. than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. It is one of the major health problems in the country. And at the same time, it has also played a main role in the opioid crisis.

The opioid crisis has affected thousands of unsuspecting victims in the U.S. in the prime of their lives. The leading spinal surgeon, Thomas J. Kleeman, M.D., has released his new book that can deal with this crisis. It is based on about 30 years of research and provides seven drug-free methods to treat back pain.

This book explains the truth behind the cause and the cure for low back pain and tells how to eliminate back pain without taking opioids. During the month of November, Kleeman will donate 100% of the proceeds from his book’s sale to a non-profit organization – Shatter Proof, that combats addiction.

The book comprises 12 chapters on everything from the development of the pain theory to the value, risk, and cost of diagnostic tests, and drug-free and surgical options. According to Kleeman, this book will help people to take charge of their pain.

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It will be more beneficial for those who had back surgery and are still suffering from pain but don’t know where to go for help.

In an interview, Thomas J. Kleeman discusses:

  • 5 myths related to back pain that even doctors don’t know
  • Why tackling back pain is like climbing a mountain
  • How pain arises and why it is so difficult to cure
  • When and where surgery fits as a treatment option for back pain
  • The seven simple techniques that make up his back pain RELEASE program and have already helped thousands of his patients with this problem

Admiration of the book “Release Yourself from Back Pain Without Opioids”

Charles Mick is M.D. and past president of the North American Spine Society. According to him, Dr. Kleeman has combined the latest scientific data in spine care.

He says that this book will help many patients. And has recommended people to begin their journey toward a healthier spine and a happier life by using Dr. Kleeman’s RELEASE Method.

Joseph Pepe is an M.D., president, and CEO at Catholic Medical Center and CEO of GraniteOne Health, Manchester, N.H. He says that A reference book for patients and physicians is similar.

He states that RELEASE is amazingly powerful for millions of people who are suffering from back pain and for those who care for them.

About the Author – Thomas J. Kleeman

Thomas J. Kleeman, M.D., is a board-certified and trained orthopedic surgeon. He is known internationally for his revolutionary work on laparoscopic spine surgery. He has dedicated his career to the advancement and innovation of minimally invasive spine surgery and drug-free treatments.



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