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Samsung Biologics signed an agreement with Ichnos Sciences for manufacturing of drug ISB 830 for the atopic dermatitis  

Samsung Biologics has collaborated with the Ichnos Sciences to manufacture the drug for the treatment of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. On Nov 4, both these organizations have signed an agreement in INCHEON, South Korea, to work and formulate a drug for the ISB 830. It would be an anti-OX40 monoclonal antibody drug potentially helpful for atopic dermatitis patients.

The new treatment action of ISB 830 is not only confined to atopic dermatitis but also able to treat other autoimmune disorders. A randomized controlled study was designed at a large scale to study the placebo and drug action in people with atopic dermatitis.

The study was completed recently, and the results are expected in early 2020 to check the prevalence of atopic dermatitis. Currently, the number of patients is exceeding 80 million in the seven major markets (US, France, Germany, Spain, UK, and Japan). According to the Global Data (a data and analytics company), it was expected that by 2027 the number of patients will increase to $18.3bn in the market.

Ichnos is a global biotech company having the headquarter in Paramus, N.J. the company is growing at a rapid rate by spreading its branches. It has five novels, first-class candidates for the stage of clinical development. In 2017 A mastered service agreement was signed by the Samsung Biologics and Ichnos.

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According to the agreement Samsung biologics must provide the Ichnos (known as Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.A.) with a better process of optimization and manufacture techniques and services. Recently both the organizations have entered into a new long agreement for the manufacturing of the drug for ISB 830 Phase 3 clinical trials. The agreement also aimed for the potential future commercial supply of the drug across the world after gained regulatory approvals.

Alessandro Rivo, the CEO, of the Ichnos Sciences, placed an appreciable remark on working with Samsung Biologics.

“It is highly satisfactorily and pleasing moment for us to continue work with that great company Samsung Biologics. This agreement will ensure the continual supply of ISB 830 soon. Working in collaboration with Samsung Biologics we will able to develop a drug for the autoimmune disorders, as well as atopic dermatitis.”

At the beginning of the short-term agreement, the business recommendations and recent innovations and standards in technology were offered by the Samsung Biologics. Also, they have the goal to maintain high-quality drug substances manufactures in support of regulatory bodies. After announcing the long-term agreement, the company is aimed to bring the ISB 830 in the market for commercial sale to treat the cases of atopic dermatitis as well as autoimmune disorders.

By winning the CMO Leadership Awards six times in six years starting from 2013 till the date, Samsung Biologics has proven its expertise and reliability with continued strength in high-quality product manufacturing and cost-effective services.

Since 2013 Samsung biologics has proven its expertise and high-quality drug manufacturing company by winning the CMO Leadership Awards continuously from six years. The company is CDMO certified and it is continuously chosen by the clients for its unique manufacturing of drug and product at large scale considering the basic and emerging needs of biopharma companies all over the world.

According to the Dr.Tae Han Kim, CEO of Samsung Biologics, it is a moment of proud for us to prolong our relationship with Ichnos and we highly appreciated their hopes and trust in Samsung biologics for manufacturing of high-quality drug ISB 830 for the clinical use and commercial supply in near future.

By keeping the client satisfaction in mind as a priority we are looking forward to generating high-quality future value in collaboration with Ichnos.

Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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