65 Years Old, Paralyzed Retired Army Sargent Completes NYC Marathon 2019

Today marks a retired and paralyzed Army Sargent “Theresa Vereline” to complete York City Marathon It was made possible by using ReWalk’s Personal 5.0 robotic exoskeleton device. “ReWalk” is a leading company that makes specialized robotic medical devices for people suffering from lower limb disabilities. This news is a big achievement for the company that it has helped a 65 years old, paralyzed person to walk 26.2 miles distance of New York City Marathon this year.

Vereline is 65 years old who has worked with New York Road Runners, which also happens to be the organizers of this year’s marathon. Her journey started on Friday, November 1st when she walked for 10 miles. It continued with another 10 miles on the next day, November 2nd.  Finally, she completed 6.2 miles on Sunday, November 3rd, which was the official race day.

She was able to cross the finish line on Sunday evening around 6 p.m.  This makes Vereline the first paralyzed American citizen to successfully finish a marathon.  Not to forget, she is also the first veteran in the whole world to complete a marathon with the help of an exoskeleton.

She shares that;

“Words cannot express the feelings I had crossing the finish line,”

For her, completing the New York City Marathon was a dream, which is now fulfilled. She also hopes to inspire other people to achieve their goals as she did. Vereline is paralyzed for eight years.  She is using this ReWalk’s Robotics exoskeleton since 2012. This exoskeleton helps her to walk and stand for some time. Many other ReWalk devices are also popular around the world to be helpful in for disable patients. However, it requires regular usage and training to achieve something like completing a marathon as she did.

ReWalk Robotics Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of user-friendly wearable robotic exoskeletons. These tools are specially designed for individuals with lower limb disabilities often due a spinal cord injury, accident or stroke.

The Company’s works on a mission to provide help and support the people who are living with lower limb disabilities. These disabilities are not only physical but also psychologically traumatizing for such people as they aren’t able to live a normal life like others. Their moment is restricted and they need 24*7 assistance and care to do even the basic tasks of the day.

ReWalk was founded in 2011 and has three international situated in the United States, Israel, and Germany. Ever since it started its business, it is using the market-leading robotic technologies to create robotic gadgets for patients.

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In 2014, ReWalk received a clearance from FDA for its Personal and Rehabilitation device, which are now the most popular products internationally. Considering the popularity and practicality of these products,  the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has established a national procurement policy which helps the retired service members in the US, making eligible to receive a robotic walking device.

Vereline was the first veteran to receive this device as per this policy, after the FDA issued ReWalk a clearance. For this, she is extremely thankful for the company for this help and she has traveled to many countries and shared how ReWalk’s Personal 5.0 robotic exoskeleton device has improved her health and overall life. Click here to read more about the ReWalk Personal robotic exoskeleton device. 


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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