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Dongpo Pickle Classified as a Healthy Food in 11th China Food Safety Annual Conference in Meishan

17th China Food Safety Annual Conference and the 11th China Pickled Food International Expo is going to be held from Nov. 13 to Nov. 17 in Dongpo District, Meishan City of China. It is organized by the People’s Government of MeiShan and is promoted under the theme “Healthy Food, Shared Worldwide”. This whole expo has would talk about Dongpo pickle that is a slightly salty and crispy appetizer. It is a common part of many gourmets foods in China and abroad.

More than 400 exhibitors would participate in this conference, including 68 international contestants from South Korea, Japan, and Russia. It is expected that roughly 1,600 political guests would be attending the conference. Some of them are local; some are foreigners and include, experts, scholars, noble persons for associations and members of chambers of commerce, money investors and exhibitors.

The sponsors of the conference say that this event will feature new activities, i.e. 17th China Food Safety Summit, Pickled Food International Cooperation Summit Dialogue, sales exhibition of international/domestic pickled food, and others.

Pickle is one of the most popular ways to use fermented vegetables. In 2006, the American magazine, Health, placed pickle in their top five healthy foods list. Pickles are not just popular in China or the USA but in the whole world. However different countries have their own unique pickles. For example, sour cucumber is a famous pickle from France and the sour-sweet cabbage pickle of Germany is world-famous. Likewise, in China, Dongpo Pickle is the most popular type of pickle.

Dongpo pickle has got its name from Dongpo, a district of Meishan City that is the home town of this pickle. This area embraces a comparatively warmer climate which adds unique bacteria in the fermentation process. So local pickle fermented here has a crispy but tender taste.

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The reason why dongpo pickle is regarded as a healthy food addition is that it is produced in live lactic acid bacteria. So it works best for controlling appetite and makes digestion better. Apart from the typical vegetables in pickles such as cabbages, cucumbers, and carrots, Dongpo Pickle is available in apples, peaches, and even meat form.

Dongpo District is the hub of this pickle and pickle production is one of the popular local businesses here. To encourage the local businesses, the district has a national-level green vegetable base using tens of thousands of mu. Only in 2018, 460,000 mu standardized pickle ingredient base was available here and its surrounding areas. It is direct help for more than 150,000 local farmers inside and outside the district.

The National Pickle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is China’s first-ever regulator for pickle production. It makes sure that the local industry is following international standards. It particularly emphasizes on Specification and Testing Method for Pickle and detailed research to fill in manufacturing flaws and meet the international industry.

In 2019, it is estimated that Dongpo pickles have generated more than RMB19bln revenue. These pickles are sold in over 100 different countries in the world. Even the highly populated areas the US, Canada, South Korea, and Japan have it in their superstores. All these make Dongpo District be the world’s biggest pickle making base.

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